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Which Furniture Spot Cleaner is Right for You

When Spills Happen

When spills happen on the carpet or on precious furniture, you want to have the best cleaning materials around. Sometimes a spill, if cleaned up immediately will have less effect upon the furniture, while a spot or spill that has gone untreated may be harder to remove as time elapses.

Below are several of the best spot removers as well as furniture cleaners on the market. By spending 15 minutes now, you may be able to remove a small stain which could save you from spending several hundred dollars to replace a couch, a carpet, or a rug later.

Before Using Chemicals

Before chemicals are used on spots in your carpet or furniture try the simple method of water and soap.

It is a good practice to only apply stronger cleaning methods when weaker ones don’t work; in other words, using a graded method of cleaning will save both you and your furniture, especially if you’re about to clean polyester upholstery. If water and soap fail to work try vinegar. If vinegar doesn’t work, then maybe it is time to use a professional cleaner like those listed below. Also, the cause of the stain will usually indicate what kind of cleaning method or chemical should be used.

Traditionally a less toxic cleanser is better to use than one that is more toxic since the level of toxicity in the cleanser will break down the fabric of that to which it is applied. To test whether a cleanser is appropriate for your furniture or floors read the directions of the cleaner first/

The manufacturer has spent many hours and research to prepare a cleaner to a wide variety of situations, but the amount applied to different materials may mean the difference between a fabric being cleaned or over cleaned and the fabric is bleached rather than cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Following the instructions on the bottle is required reading for maximum effectiveness.

Best Spot Removers

The best overall spot and stain removers for furniture have bene Bissell spot removal system. The Bissell company has been in business since the turn of the 19th century and has a great array of household cleaning equipment as well as spot removal vacuums.

The Bissell pet stain eraser is specifically designed for nasty spots left by your pets. It has several built-in brushes that are designed to scrub between the threads of the furniture cloth as well as to be used on stairs carpets, doggie bedding and the removal of hair from furniture.


Resolve is one of the best sprays for upholstery cleaning or for use on PVC recliners. Resolve comes in a trigger spray container which makes it easy to apply to furniture and has an adjustable nozzle to make spraying adjustable. Resolve is good to use on wool, nylon as well as synthetic carpets. (You should always consult your furniture manual before uses cleaning oils or sprays).

Resolve is advertised as being one of the best food and grease-based stains, which is good if you have guests, children or family members who love to sit on the couch and other furniture while eating greasy foods. Accidental spills do happen and resolve is formulated to break down these foods and grease-based stains to make them easier to handle and clean.

Woolite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Woolite has one advantage over the other cleaners mentioned in that it helps to eliminate unwanted odors from spills and also shields against future stains and soiling. When applied to carpet Woolite helps to refresh the carpet fibers. If you have pets then Woolite acts as a double function cleaner, since it also removes urine and vomit stains from pets, as well as feces and mud stains your pet may have caused.Woolite has a patented lift technology that lifts stains off the fabric.

The Woolite stain remover is a strong eliminator of the strongest “pet odors.” Because of its patented technology Woolite stain remover is designed to keep your furniture and carpet looking and smelling fresher longer.

Carpet and Furniture Cleaning

When it comes to keeping a piece of carpet or furniture clean there is no expense too great to have the right cleaning aids in hand.

A clean piece of furniture can change everything in one’s home. Besides having your carpet cleaner with its advanced filtration systems, it is also nice to have some professional spot removers handy to maximize the effect of removing unwanted spots when they are observed. It does happen that children, friends or guests leave without remembering to tell of the spot left in the living room. Sometimes it is just best left to the work of the best spot removers you can find. Three spot removers listed above are three of the best on the market. Don’t be afraid to act today to fix and get rid of the stains in your furniture.