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How Partnering with a Translation Company Will Help Your Brand Grow Internationally

Many successful business owners relish the opportunity to grow their firms’ reach internationally. With the rapid rise of e-commerce and social media over the last decade, it has become easier for managers to identify which markets may have a demand for their business. Even with those advantages at their disposal, international business still comes with the inevitable hurdle of a language barrier. Many professional translation companies have grown exponentially to keep up with demand because of all of these factors.

Professional translation companies are an invaluable resource to firms looking to expand into multiple markets. More often than not, these companies will have direct experience in the markets you are targeting and will be able to provide insights to help facilitate a successful launch. Brands large and small can benefit from these service providers across multiple facets of the exporting sales and marketing process.

Create Consistent Marketing Messaging

Partnering with a large language service provider has many benefits that exceed professional translations of materials. Their skills and experiences in multiple markets give them the ability to help you create a unified marketing message across all your target markets. Discerning customers will notice differences in marketing and branding across different markets and may develop the impression that a brand lacks transparency with conflicting messaging. This is critical during a product launch in the internet age; potential customers are less likely to be forgiving of unknown brands where access to competing products is abundant.   

Though beyond just creating uniform marketing, large firms will be able to take marketing materials and messaging and localize them to each market. By localizing content, brands will avoid any potential mistranslations or misinterpretations of their messaging that may cause irreversible damage to their brand image and equity. Mitigating these risks can pay dividends when your brand grows in the new market and starts attracting the eye of distributors in other countries. At this point, you will be happy to have an experienced translation company on hand to help expand to this new market.  

Product Launch and Follow-up

Large firms can also provide labeling and compliance consultation to consumer products companies that are expanding into other markets. Each market will have different labeling requirements that must be met before products can be imported and stocked on shelves. Often these compliance protocols are extremely detailed and require registration with a government body. Brands can rely on translation companies to provide guidance in these arenas in addition to translating the content on each label.

After launch, brands will need to work with the distribution and translation partners to gain insights about their brand’s performance in a given export market. This includes customer relations and maintenance, such as responding to inquiries on social media or creating new content that correlates with the feedback.  Proper customer management is the lifeblood of any successful international brand, and your language service provider will be able to apply the messaging and communications from one market to another. Since they are already familiar with your brand’s tone and voice, the processing of applying new messaging across multiple foreign markets will be seamless.