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5 Most Common Noise Barriers – A Brief Look Through

With the immense increase in population, the demand for acoustic fencing is drastically increasing. These wonderful fences are probably the best picks when it comes to enjoying a peaceful home stay, free from unwanted, loud noises.

A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report says that noise pollution can immensely affect an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Hence opting to get functional surrounding and road noise barriers is imperative to maintain a better quality of life.

There are different types of noise barriers available in the market. This post takes closer look at the most popular ones among them, making one’s choice easy.

Types of Noise Barriers – 5 Best Choices

Here is the list of the best noise barrier varieties that can award a tranquil and enjoyable home stay.

1. Timber

Timber noise barriers’ easy-catching, natural look and convenient installation process make them the favorite of millennials. They can serve well when it’s about protecting any residential or commercial areas from unwanted noises. They have the capacity of up to 32 dB noise reduction. These durable acoustic barriers come with reflective or additional absorptive layers on one side, enabling them with state-of-the-art noise protection capacity.

Apart from providing noise reduction benefits, these acoustic barriers are also efficient in providing a residential or commercial site with the ultimate security.

2. Metal

These sturdy barriers come with a noise reduction capacity of up to 28 dB. However, to make the most out of this barrier, one needs to ensure that it has a minimum mass of 10kg/m2. Just like the timber ones, these barriers also carry reflective or absorptive layers. Their more formal appearance makes them the best fit for commercial or industrial areas.

3. Concrete

Though the negative environmental impact of concrete reduces its popularity, its high-performance and convenient construction attributes make them one of the best choices as an effective noise-reducing object. These barriers are highly intrusive, and they come with the ability to reduce noise up to 50dB.

4. Earth Bunds

These are nothing but huge mounds of earth, which are placed at the perimeter of a site that’s needed to be protected from unwanted noise. Apart from being used as an effective noise barrier, they are also effective in directing water flow.

These earth mounds take a lot of space; thus, many prefer to choose a more compact noise barrier like timber or metal one over them. However, when it comes to blocking road noises, they can be considered as a viable alternative.

5. Gabion Walls

One of the most attractive and powerful solutions to block noises is Gabion walls. These high-performance acoustic barriers offer noise reduction up to 60dB if the right height and thickness are maintained.


Choosing any of the mentioned surrounding and road noise barriers can help one achieve that ever-desired and ultimate peace of mind. Be it getting back home after a long day or working with the utmost concentration at the office; these barriers can get one covered with all. Therefore, it can be said that investing in the right noise barrier won’t leave one with a single chance to regret it.

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