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Different Types of System for Heating Geneva NY

In New York, and even in other homes in the rest of the United States, having a heating system in place in houses is a necessity. Heating systems are an integral part of the electrical plan and design in any home, where temperatures can drop to negative in the wintertime. With more advancements in technology, so does the variety of heating systems increase. This article presents you with the different types of heating systems available in the market today:

1.Gas furnace

Gas furnaces are the most common type of heating systems in the United States. This is due to the double purpose provided by furnaces, where, in the summertime, the same ducts can be used for your air-conditioning system as well. Furnaces work by forcing air throughout a series of ducts spread all over the house. Apart from gas, these furnaces can also be powered by the following:

  • Electricity
  • Oil
  • Propane

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Boilers may sound all-too-familiar to you, as you may have in mind the traditional boilers like those on ships. And you are correct. The boilers from the past and the boilers used today to heat houses, like homes in Geneva, New York, work pretty much in the same manner.

Boilers utilize water to distribute heat all over the house. This heat, through water, transports itself to the radiators that are in place all over the house. What is left, then, is the cold water, which is sent back to the boiler to be reheated once more. In this manner, the process starts all over again.


There is rarely a home in the whole of the United States without a fireplace. No matter the advancements in technology, a fireplace still offers the perfect heat and coziness to a room. Some homes still use the traditional fireplace powered by wood, charcoal, and gas. In some homes, however, they have also gone the modern way by having an electric fireplace.

Apart from its heating capabilities, a fireplace is mainly popular, usually in the living area of a home, also primarily due to the aesthetic value that it adds.

4.Electric heating system

Electric heating systems are the more modern form of heating a home. Households that typically use this kind in Geneva, New York, do not have access to other sources such as gas, oil, and propane. However, the most significant disadvantage of this type of heating is that it will cost more than the other cheaper options. Hence, in the wintertime, you should expect your electric bill to spike.

Electric heating systems work as easy as 1-2-3. A baseboard heater is installed in the house, and this is what pretty much controls the entire heating system of the building. You can manage the temperature through a thermostat, in the same manner as you would with air conditioners.

5.Hybrid heating

As its term suggests, hybrid heating is a mix between two heating systems. Hybrid heating is usually a combination of a furnace and a heat pump. A furnace uses more traditional means of heating such as gas, oil, and propane. On the other hand, a heat pump uses both a refrigerant and electricity to have both a cooling and heating effect. However, heat pumps in themselves are not advisable in Geneva, because temperatures can drop to negative levels. Heat pumps work best only in moderate temperatures.

With the situation mentioned above, in New York, hybrid-heating systems are in place. With a hybrid heating system, you have the efficiency and budget-friendly option of a heat pump, plus the added heating capacity of a gas furnace.

6.Geothermal heating system

Geothermal refers to the heat from under the ground. Not only is geothermal power used for lights, but it is also used for heating a house as well. Geothermal heating systems work by collecting heat from under the ground and combining this with the water that is also taken from wells. The most significant advantage of this type of heating system is that it keeps your utility bills steady during the cold winter months, as it uses up more natural sources and less electricity.

However, a geothermal heating system is also more costly to set up. Hence, the initial costs are higher compared with the other types of heating systems, but they are also cost-saving means in the long run.


Whatever the type of heating system that you wish for your house, it is best that you consult an HVAC expert to help you out with the process. You cannot risk making mistakes with a matter as crucial as your home ventilation system. Even more importantly, heating systems can get quite expensive. Therefore, it is essential for you to place your trust in the experts.