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Best Places for Whale Watching in Summer 2021

Nature is breath taking, and one of the most powerful and poignant events is the migration of sea creatures on unbelievably long journeys. Catching glimpses of whales and sea lions is a beautiful part of life. Some locations are known to be good sites for numerous sightings, and many people travel for this experience. Here are the best places for whale watching in summer 2021. 

Southern California

California’s southern coast is famed for the potential to offer sightings of marine creatures. In particular, whale watching San Diego is a powerful draw for those interested in glimpsing ocean life. Numerous types of whales migrate along the California coast in summer, including:

  • Minke whales
  • Blue whales
  • Humpback whales

At the end of summer, in October, dramatic orcas glide past in the water on annual migratory treks. The colder months bring the migrations of gray whales along this coast. Many people also choose to enjoy a private sunset cruise San Diego, where they can relax as the sun sinks below the horizon and possibly spot migrating whales and other sea creatures as well.

Pacific Northwest

This region is famed for the number of orcas, or so-called killer whales, gliding past in the cold waters as they travel from and to Alaska annually. The Pacific Northwest’s San Juan Islands provide particularly good opportunities for whale sightings. While Washington generally holds the spotlight, Oregon has 26 whale watching sites, including the creatively named Cape Foulweather. There is even a whale watching center in Depoe Bay. The peak times for spotting whales in this region are May and June. 

New England

Thankfully, the horrific whale trade in this region ended, and the North Atlantic is now a breeding ground for multiple whale species, including minke, finback, and humpback whales. Several New England states offer exciting whale watching opportunities, but perhaps the one that rivals the quality of all national whale watching sites is coastal Massachusetts. The best site is around Cape Cod Bay. The peak months for spotting whales in this region start in May and stretch to October, though July and August, which are high tourist times, are also the best times for glimpsing migrating whales.


Almost as famous as whale watching season Southern California, an area in southeast Alaska called the Inside Passage is a prized destination for whale watching expeditions. Glacier Bay National Park features millions of acres of protected area and is part of the Inside Passage. Many people also enjoy expeditions to spot whales in southcentral Alaska at Prince William Sound or Kenai Fjords National Park.

About 10 different species of whales can be found in the frigid Arctic waters. Most whale spotters see orcas, humpback whales, and gray whales. The highlight of whale watching season here is May to September. May and September are a bit colder and less crowded.

Book a Boat With a Reliable Guide

Book a spot on a boat with a knowledgeable guide from a reputable company for a good chance of spotting majestic sea creatures. Knowing the right spots to visit is the key to successful whale watching ventures. The reward will be lifelong memories of seeing magnificent ocean creatures free in their own environment.

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