Monday, April 19, 2021

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3 Glam Outfit Styles for a night at the Bingo

It is perhaps one of the most anticipated nights of many people’s social calendar and arguably a factor that is often overlooked is how to dress for the occasion.

After all, many people always want to look their best whenever they go out and why should a night at the bingo be any different?  As recommended by who are a leading authority in the industry, we have detailed three potential outfit styles that you can wear to your next bingo night!

Denim it up!

Here we do not just mean jeans, but how about going the whole way?! Denim jackets are making a comeback and now even long and short-sleeved denim shirts are available as well. The beauty of this look is that it strikes a very smart-casual look and ladies can even get short and long denim skirts, so it is very versatile and the material also comes in a variety of colours now as well. 

If you are a couple, how about both dressing in denim and making an impression? This could also be tactical – if it is eye-catching, it could mean other players are more focused on you than their bingo tickets as well!

The good old leather jacket

This really is a timeless classic and has to be a must in everyone’s wardrobe, whether you are female or male. A leather jacket goes with just about everything and also comes in different colours, though most notably black, while recently brown leather is increasing in popularity.

Great to wear with jeans and matching coloured shoes, though trainers are just as acceptable. Real leather also has an attractive smell to it which can ensnare the senses and perhaps make you even more focused on your bingo game. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even go for aviators (a la Tom Cruise, Top Gun), though we don’t recommend wearing these to play bingo in!

Tweed it?!

Thanks to popular Netflix series Peaky Blinders, tweed has started to make a comeback and might not be too much of a ridiculous suggestion. The beauty of this is that you can find many tweed outfits in charity and second-hand shops and there really is a lot to choose from when it comes to colours. Undoubtedly, you will stand out, and if that is what you want then, by all means, go for it. Just do not forget the all-important flat cap!

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