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Get Answers At Weight Loss Clinic Murfreesboro TN by Dr. Wayne Westmoreland

You have jogged, started your keto diets, even signed on to a cycling group. But to what ends? The minutest pound of weight you did not shred! Even when it does seem like you slim down a teeny bit, the fats come back in multiple folds – like it’s a revenge sport. Tiring, eh? Help awaits you at weight loss clinic Murfreesboro TN by Dr. Wayne Westmoreland!

We understand that you have so many burning questions. Why do your dieting efforts fail you? More importantly, why should you trust us?

Do take a seat, and let’s provide you with answers!

Why Do Your Dieting Results Suck?

Ring ring, your 6 am alarm rings, you do a few morning drills. By 7 am, you had already gulped down your keto juice. You love cheese, but you deprive yourself of the satisfaction. Hello! You’re dieting!

You’re in good company. According to Statista, almost half of Americans enlisted weight loss as a top priority in 2018 – and the number increases every day.

But since you started your dieting, what changed? Did you see any results?

Worse, do you feel heavier than when you started your weight loss program? Yes? What might you be getting wrong?

Inadequate Sleep

A poor sleeping habit can mar your weight loss. Do you know that sleep controls your feel-hungry (ghrelin) and satisfied (leptin) hormones?

So, when you get inadequate sleep (less than 7hours a day), your ghrelin goes up. It is almost like every hour you spend not sleeping (above 17hours a day), you add a layer of obesity to yourself.

The worst part is the longer you deprive yourself of rest, the more you risk a metabolism disorderliness. When such happens, your body will hardly conform to any dieting regime.

In essence, get that deserved rest!

Meal Time and Calories

Some health practitioners would advise fasting to burn fats. While it works, can you sustain such?

Here is a better idea:

Appropriate your mealtime. For a start, don’t skip breakfast! Take your morning bliss at a max of an hour after waking.

After, take healthy snacks every 3-4 hours to keep your glucose level steady throughout the day. Another thing you’d have to remember is calorie intake!

Against popular advice, don’t count calories! Eating healthy and sleeping adequately is enough; your calories will slowly burn while you build stamina.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Do you know you don’t have to let go all at once of your old favorite meal? Indeed, those contain a high level of carbs.

Yet, you need to understand that weight loss is a process. To achieve sustainable results, take the steps one step at a time.

Else, you risk slimming down on day 14 only to regain the weight on day 20. In short, take baby steps, and appreciate the little results you see until you can let go of unhealthy habits that hinder your weight loss.

Now, to the quintessential question:

Why Weight Loss Clinic Murfreesboro TN by Dr. Wayne Westmoreland?

In Dr. Wayne Westmoreland, we have over three decades of weight loss programs and surgeries. With us, you’ll not only get that slim body but also arrive at holistic care and relationships.

Reach out today and put an end to your weight loss shortcomings!