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How is VRT Calculated in Ireland? – Is the VRT Calculator Accurate?

Vehicle registration tax or VRT is to be paid every time a new vehicle is brought into Ireland. VRT is to be paid within 30 days. Failing to might lead to your vehicle being detained, and in worst cases, the vehicle can be seized and is released upon payment of penalty. VRT is predominantly calculated based on nitrous oxide emissions, and the VRT charges can vary from one vehicle to another.

Though this process might be a bit complex, thanks to the VRT calculator, things are hassle-free and streamlined. This VRT calculator is used for vehicles registered across Ireland and the UK.

Are you buying a new vehicle? Then, you got to know everything about the Vehicle Registration Tax.

How is VRT calculated?

VRT is calculated depending upon the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) of the vehicle as determined by the Revenue Commissioners with no third party involved. If there is a surge or decrease in OMSP, the VRT of the vehicle will vary accordingly.

How does a VRT calculator work?

This calculator basically helps to get the estimate as to what you will be paying for Vrt with ease.

All you gotta do is enter the registration number of the vehicle. Upon entering the vehicle’s registration number, the origin, model, type, brand, variant of the vehicle is determined. Besides, one can also determine information about the vehicle’s Carbon and Nitrous oxide emissions.

However, the VRT calculator cannot be used in certain conditions in models that require manual evaluations, including vintage cars, collectables, caravans, and other prestigious marques.

VRT and the four categories of vehicles

VRT is subjected to four categories of vehicles.

  • An (EU Category M1) -Passenger Vehicles like cars, hatchbacks, convertibles, jeeps, minibuses, etc., belong to this category. VRT tax is charged based on the CO2 emission levels of the vehicle at the time of its manufacture.
  • B (EU Category N1)- Light commercial vehicles. The rate of VRT for Category B vehicles, subject to Open Market Selling Price (OMSP).
  • C (EU Category N2)- Commercial vehicles. A fixed VRT is charged for large commercial vehicles, coaches, tractors and trucks.
  • D (no EU equivalent)- This category includes ambulances, fire engines and construction vehicles, and vehicles used for laying roads. Category D vehicles are exempted from VRT.
  • Motorcycles- VRT is charged for motorcycles, and this is based on the engine’s cubic capacity.

What is additional VRT?

According to Irish norms, VRT is to be paid within 30 days of the vehicle’s entry. It is ideal to pay the VRT charges within 30 days. If there is a delay in payment, you will incur additional charges, which will be added to the total VRT.

VRT and parameters

VRT is calculated based on certain vehicular parameters. These parameters play a crucial role in the estimation of VRT, and this includes,

  • EU classification
  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Version
  • Fuel type
  • Engine capacity
  • Transmission type
  • Brake Horsepower
  • CO2 emissions
  • NOx emissions
  • Mileage
  • Number of doors
  • Year and month of first registration in any jurisdiction

Documentation and paperwork for VRT

There is intensive paperwork and documentation while registering the vehicle for VRT.

In the case of a new vehicle, a certificate of conformity (CoC) is to be provided before you can register it. The CoC is a vital statement from the manufacturer, and this certificate assures that the car conforms to EU regulations and guidelines on safety, emissions, etc.

CoC can be submitted manually or uploaded onto the revenue website in electronic form as well.

Besides CoC, several other documents are required for the VRT registration process, and this includes,

  • Registration or Deregistration certificate
  • Permanent Exportation certificate
  • Documents supporting CO2 emissions
  • Identity proof like a Passport or Driving License
  • Vehicle Purchase Details Forms VRTVPD1 or VRTVPD2
  • An invoice that indicates the date of purchase of the vehicle
  • Address proof (utility bill, bank statement, etc.)

If the person is registering for someone else, a signed authorization letter is a must.

The Personal Public Service Number of the person the car is being registered to.

Evidence to support the shipping details and the vehicle’s date of entry in the State.

Exemptions for VRT

Under certain conditions, the citizens of Ireland and the UK are exempted from VRT, and the criteria for the same is listed below,

  • Temporary residents and tourists that have their vehicle registered abroad for over six months
  • Diplomats and ambassadors
  • Differently-abled drivers and passengers

If the person falls under any of these criteria, he/she is exempted from Vehicle Registration Tax.