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Modernizing Your Kitchen? Here are 5 Changes You Can Make

Modernizing a kitchen can be expensive.

All costs considered, you might spend anywhere from $15K to $50K (for plumbing, tiles, contractors etc.)…

Basically, it’s expensive. And you can’t tolerate errors while planning.

So you need a solid plan. You need to know what’s worth spending on for a “modern look.”

This is something we’ll help you with. Below, we’ll mention 5 changes you can make.

Adopt them as part of your kitchen’s final look!

#1 – Modern Kitchen Bins.

Nothing speaks modern more than “organization.” And a modern kitchen bins gives you that…

Modern bins focus on recycling. Thus, they come with different waste compartments.

You can have compartments for…

  • Glass.
  • Plastics.
  • Tissues and papers.
  • Food remains.

The more the better. But the point is, everything doesn’t get jammed in a single plastic bag.

You can organize. And it’s much neater, cleaner, and more modern!

Another Trait.

Modern bins aren’t plastic. They’re metallic.

And as is known, metallic looks are always the best. Anything that’s predominantly silver and black speaks “modern.”

#2 – Modern Appliances.

Think of appliances as icing on the cake.

They add final touches to a modern look. They add a nice stroke here, and a little shade there…

Basically, don’t overstock your kitchen with appliances.

Why? Because often, an empty kitchen top is the most modern-looking.

Any Recommendations?

A toaster, and a blender. And if you want to get creative, add in a built-in microwave!

Also, get appliances that are multi-functional.

Those save space. And they make your kitchen look better!

#3 – Beautiful Countertops.

Countertops are expensive, and for a reason…

They’re heavy to haul around, and hard to install…

Not to mention, they contribute much to your kitchen aesthetics. So picking the right one can be the difference between modern and shabby.

Tip – Keep it Neutrally Colored.

Stick to white, black, grey, and their different shades.

You can pick any color or design from there. You can have a wavy black/grey top. Or, you could have a glimmering “ivory colored” top.

And speaking of glimmer, countertop material matters.

Make sure it’s marble or polished granite. Those are the most durable. And they least show signs of wear.

Colors Should Mix Well With Cabinets.

Countertops and cabinets should work hand-in-hand.

They need to match in color. Any color mismatches will make your kitchen look older…

But speaking of cabinets…

#4 – Modernize Cabinets.

You don’t need to buy new ones. Instead, do the following…

Change Doors/Handles.

Fix them. Make sure the doors work. And replace the handles for something better.

That way, you restore functionality, without spending a lot on new ones!


All your cabinets should be the exact same color.

Don’t color one white, and the other black. Don’t be fruity.

Also, just like with the countertops, keep the colors neutral. And make sure they contrast well with the countertops.

However, there’s another aesthetic that defines cabinet looks. Those are also key to a modern kitchen, and they are…

Protect yourself and the rest of the kitchen with refinishing your kitchen cabinets.

#5 – Good Splashbacks.

As the name implies, splashbacks protect your wall from sink water.

But in many cases, they’re pretty much the wall. And they matter in a modern kitchen look…

Your splashback is even more visible than a countertop. And it’s the most visible part of your kitchen.

Also, their tiles tend to be expensive too. So you have to pick them carefully, and in tandem with cabinets.

So How Do I Pick a Splashback?

You can always consult an expert.

For one, you can try Cut My Plastic. They’re excellent designers of home aesthetics, especially splashbacks.

Contact them, and start planning your kitchen!