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Outstanding Features & Amenities of District One Residences

Having a home in ultra-luxurious city is the dream of every person as the city guarantees peace, prosperity, and lavish lifestyle that everyone wants to give his or her family. Those who are looking for a second to none investment opportunities with futuristic prospects must not ignore District One Residences which is being developed in Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid City. It’s one of the most affluent and upmarket places in Dubai that offers impressive features and amenities. For more detail info visit DG Institute.

Reasons to Choose District One Residences

District One Residences build for those who want a lucrative investment in Dubai as it offers lavish facilities which ensures maximum comfort for your family. Within the last few years, builders and development companies are settling down in Dubai and working on multiple projects which has increased property prices in Dubai and people considering new development areas a beneficial financial investment.

District One Residences is developed in Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid City and located in the proximity of crystal lagoon and mesmerizing beaches where residents can enjoy evening parties or have some fun with family. These beaches are surrounding by international restaurants and exotic food stalls so you can enjoy food, cool water, and family time.

Those who are highly concerned about their health or want to relax after a hectic working day shouldn’t ignore District One Residences investment opportunities as Meydan Mall is situated near it where you can relish some retail therapy while enjoying the local culture.

There is no parking issue in District One Residences due to the great planning and underground parking facilities. Spacious parking area allows residents to park their cars at a safe place without worrying about weather affects and theft. The interior of every home is awe-inspiring and worth-seeing while the local amenities make it a perfect place to live in. The recreational facilities include bars, cafes, restaurants, and beauty salons.

Ideal Location from Every Aspect

The location is the perfect depiction of ‘ideal location’ and offers all living facilities one can think about. Peaceful and quiet area is away from the tourists and you don’t see random people walking around. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid City is a center of innovation and entrepreneurship where you see creative activities and technological revolution everywhere. Apart from parks and gyms, running tracks are created in the area so you can enjoy running in morning and stay fit and active all day long.

Amazing Facilities

You get every facility here one can imagine. From waterscapes to play area, everything children entertainment facility is present in the area where kids can enjoy some quality time. Manmade beaches and waterparks let you delight in all water sports and organize beach parties. The area is known as state of art and technology where you see amazing art galleries and waterfront cafes. Fitness geeks can maintain their physical fitness by joining world-class gym and workout facilities. Theatre and cinemas are available which offers peaceful environment for families.

Reasons to Buy Property in Dubai

Dubai is an outstanding place full of entertainment, lavish living facilities, and just name it. It gives various reasons to buy property here and a few of them are mentioned-below.

      • Peaceful place with no racial or terrorism issues.
      • Lack of income taxation in the country.
      • Strategic location for professionals and business supporting law.
      • No language barrier and one can live his or her own lifestyle.
      • Endless business opportunities and ideal place for entrepreneurs to live with family.
      • Ideal for families due to the lavish amenities and astounding homes and apartments.
      • New development areas offer different investment opportunities and everyone can get benefit from lucrative financial opportunities.