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Why Commercial Meat Slicer Parts at Nbs are The Best?

In 1953 Jack Frank founded the National Band saw. It was started as a meat saw servicing Company. In the mid-1970s the national band moved away from the servicing and fix side of the business and turned into the biggest free maker and provider of Replacement Parts for the food apparatus administration industry. You can find meat slicer blades and commercial meat slicer parts online at National Band Saw. The product offering kept developing and now it incorporates more than 2500 parts. The NBS has trade meat slicer parts for all the prominent company names including Hobart meat slicer parts, Berkel slicer parts, globe meat slicer parts and other commercial kitchen parts in hardware. These parts make it easy for you to fix more accurate and up to date and more established Hobart meat slicers.

National Band Saw celebrates and elevates on having those hard to find new machinery and elements for established meat slicers and Globe slicers. They likewise have every one of their things sorted out by producer, so you can discover the new parts effectively in their stock that can precisely and accurately substitute for brand name Hobart parts, Biro parts, Globe parts and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Sliced down Prices – It is really a tough job to get highly priced meat slicer spare parts in the market at a cheaper and pocket friendly price for commercial meat slicers. Be that as it may, at NBS you can discover parts of preferred or equivalent quality over the first hardware producer and at profoundly scaled down prices, since they have direct information on the new parts required. They make and purchase in enormous amounts with the goal that you don’t need to pay a heavy price and they give those reserve funds to you as discounts.
  • Assurance and Guarantee: For any explanation, if any part demonstrates faulty, return it to them and they will supplant it with no inquiry or cost. Risk is constrained to the substitution or fix of these parts.
  • Merchandise exchange or return policy: Returns acknowledged inside 15 days of receipt of parts. All the returns must contain an arrival authorization number before being sent back to NBS. Every single approved return must be gotten back at NBS inside 25 days of authorization. Returns for different reasons than the part being inadequate are dependent upon 15% restocking expense. Returns of imperfect parts will be supplanted, credited or fixed by NBS Company when they get it.

Secure Shopping

NBS website uses an authentication system and sophisticated encryption while they collect your personal information including your credit card number. Each page in the ordering process that demands personal information uses SSL (secure socket layer) 128 bit encryption Technology designed to render information unreadable, should anyone try to intercept it.

About The Item

  • Stainless steel blade-made of Food grade stainless steel, it is sharp enough and easy to clean.
  • Removable slicer machine blade-it is removable for cleaning up, equipped with gear in the centre of the blade, you can install the blade replacement easily and there is no need to remove the gear of the previous blade .
  • Non serrated blade- non serrated blade performs better to slice like toast, bread, vegetable, potato, fruit and more of those which produce scrap for juices when cutting.
  • The Blade is used for quick and clean slicing.