Sunday, April 18, 2021

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5 Ways To Spruce Up A Room Without Breaking The Bank

Feeling down and blah about your life in general? Are the winter blues getting to you? With Covid-19 lockdowns most people are getting a little antsy and edgy. Get started and choose a room in your house that you spend a significant amount of time in and take a good look around. While you may not have excess cash floating around to do a full room makeover, here are 5 ways to make it feel like it is brand new and fresh.

1. Have it repainted professionally. A fresh coat of paint makes a room feel airy, fresh, and new. You can choose to have the entire room repainted or even just an accent wall, all the trimmings, or even the door and the ceiling. Having a professional house painting company do the job will make you feel pampered and the results will be beautiful and feel right. When doing over just one room, the price tag attached is more affordable and easily reached by most people.

2. Give the room a pop of a fresh color by adding it in via new throw pillows, new blinds or shades, new linen, or even a new rug. You can get inspiration by shopping in stores like HomeGoods and Marshalls. Contrasting color combinations will give you a wow factor that you may never have had or even thought of. These small additions are easy to add and will not cost a boatload of money.

3. Rearranging the furniture gives the room a whole new feel. If done with thought, you can maximize the space making it feel bigger than it ever was before. Old and dated furniture will give a room an old-fashioned feel so anything not timeless or current should definitely be removed or replaced. You can find cheap second hand furniture on Craigslist or on local Facebook groups. Make sure to measure all your furniture and your space before expending time and energy only to find that your new configuration does not actually fit like you thought it would.

4. Maximize your light source and increase it wherever possible. If your room does not have a lot of natural sunlight, bring light via lamps, spotlights, or if you are more daring than even a skylight. Increase the wattage on current light fixtures to give maximum light possible. Sunshine creates a happy atmosphere so do not block the natural light with furniture or such.

5. Spring clean and get rid of old and used items that are no longer important. The absolute best feeling is when you clean out junk from your home. You will feel lighter and less weighed down by excess things. Once you are spring cleaning take the few extra minutes to clean those hard to reach spots so you can know that your house is not only neat but it is clean as well. If you don’t have a lot of time then using a professional cleaning service can help you get the job done right and in a timely fashion and at an affordable price.

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