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Discover The Best Front Entry Doors for the Home

There are two factors that need to be considered when choosing a new entry door. The first is what the door is made of. There are several different options to consider. The second factor is the style of the door. Understanding what options you have available will help to ensure you make the best possible choice. 

Material Choices

Your entry door takes a lot of pressure. It has to cope with heavy rain, ice, snow, scorching sun, and potentially keep out intruders. All of those elements will need to be considered when choosing the most appropriate front door.


Wood is perhaps the most common option and for good reason. It’s affordable, solid, and durable. As such it’s a good insulator and surprisingly effective at keeping intruders out. It can also be varnished or painted in a myriad of colors, allowing you to personalize your door to match your house and personality.


Metal doors tend to be less attractive but they are the most secure type of door. It’s not easy for an intruder to get through these doors. That’s why they are very popular in high-crime areas. But, that doesn’t mean you should discount the metal door. 

Modern versions of these doors are available in a choice of colors and the styles are becoming increasingly attractive, making them a viable option for any home. It’s worth looking at what’s available.


This is another very common type of entry door and is usually the cheapest option on the market. UPVC doors are usually made in white but they can be created in a variety of colors. They are strong and very durable but also the cheapest option.

You can check out the various options through reputable suppliers such as these Parkwood doors. It’s a great way to start looking at the different styles.

Full Door

The single-pane door is simple and secure but doesn’t allow any light through into your home or enable you to see who is visiting unless you have a peephole fitted. This can be a good option for anyone who values privacy over anything else.


In most cases, people prefer to let some light through the door. This can be done by including glass windows. This won’t affect the security or the insulation of the door. You can opt for anything from a small window at the top to half the door or even a whole glass door with UPVC or a wooden frame. 

These types of doors maximize light into your home but do reduce privacy levels.

You should note all doors are available in a variety of finishes, you can add trim to create the desired look.


Alongside looking at the various styles of doors available you need to consider the hinges and the locking mechanism. Most insurance companies will specify the type of lock that needs to be fitted to your home but you can get more secure options if you feel they are necessary.

As important as the locks are the hinges, these need to be as strong as the lock to ensure the door is secure.

It’s not hard to pick a new entry door, you just need to be aware and consider the options first.

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