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Choosing the Most Reliable Fall Detector for Elderly

How Fall Detectors Work

As people grow older, their safety is undeniable. As bones and muscles get older, the chance for falls and accidents are higher. Utilizing a fall detector can save lives. The fall detector works by activating tiny sensors within the unit that sense a sudden change in motion and movement. The device then sends help immediately. The sensors within the detector are said be to sampled in excess of 100 times per second. With constant recalculation, these devices have earned their title as reliable and trustworthy.

It is important to choose the right fall detector for elderly people. The features of each detector vary depending on brand and manufacture. This article will discuss how to go about finding the right fall detector for elderly people.

Sensitivity of the Device

Choosing a fall detector with a sensitive sensor is important, but not too sensitive. If the sensor responds to every sudden movement, help will be notified without the threat of a real emergency. The sensitivity of a sensor can also depend on whether or not there are new batteries in the unit. If the charge is weak, the fall may not be properly detected. Some sensors can detect a fall within a height drop of only three inches. When a detector is this sensitive, the likelihood of a false alarm is higher.

Call Time and Emergency Help

Responsive and swift call times are vital for saving lives. When the sensor detects an emergency, sending help is one of the most important aspects to determine effectiveness and reliability. A sensor is inadequate if it detects the fall, but takes too long to notify the system and send help to the location. Some of the best sensors have been known to call in as little as 30 seconds.

Pricing and Subscriptions

The last deciding factor for choosing the right fall sensor is pricing. If the price is too expensive, it will not be affordable to some longterm. Most packages cost anywhere from $30 to $50. As a result of this difference in price, each customer can decide which features they are willing to compromise on as a result of pricing. Some packages and subscriptions may come with added features. Depending on whether or not an individual needs those extra features will determine whether they pay the extra cost.

Overall Opinion

Keeping loved ones safe as they age is vital. Especially when elderly live alone, help needs to be within reach. Wearing a fall detector provides peace of mind for the individual as well as their family members. Overall, some sensors will be more sensitive, some will be more responsive and some will simply be less expensive. The choice is up to each individual after they have reviewed and compared each device’s features. The most important thing to keep in mind is the safety of the individual. Protecting them in the event they fall or encounter an accident is top priority.