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All About Wireline Services!

Do you know about wireline services? Gas and oil well operators use wireline services for measurement or to send tools into the well for logging work. Cabling technology is used in the service. This technology with other tools is used for pipe recovery, intervening, evaluation, etc. The tools help to perform well workover functions like to locate casting collars, get pore size information, evaluate rock properties in the reservoir, fluid identification, etc.

Wireline Tools

The tools associated with wireline services are designed especially to carry out an operation in the wellbore. They are lowered into the bore by hanging them at the end of the wireline cable.
With time, the tools linked with wireline services also getting complicated to withstand harsh conditions of the well.

Some of the tools associated with Wireline services are:

  • Blind box
  • Wireline tool string
  • Slickline tools
  • Pulling tools
  • Wireline Grab
  • Running tools
  • Fishing tools
  • Centralizer
  • Shifting tools
  • Tool string
  • Bailers and many more

Wireline Services

Let’s learn some of the services linked to Wireline.


Perforation refers to a hole that is created in the oil well that enables the connection between wellbore and the reservoir. It lets the flow of oil and gas smoothly from the wellbore and pay zone. The more care you take while carrying out the perforating process with effective designing, the more effective the process will be.

These days cased hole completion is used in a high percentage for perforating process. It is because of its efficient designing. During cased hole completions, well is drilled past the area that is made for production.

Bullet guns were the first tool that was used earlier for carrying out perforation. It is still used in various applications like for breaking down a formation around the perforation.

Application of perforation:

  • Underbalanced perforating
  • Tubing-conveyed perforating
  • Specialty phasings
  • Laser perforating
  • Mechanical punches
  • Hydraulic punches
  • Water Jet
  • Electric arc perforating
  • Combination of bullet or jet guns

Pressure Control

When an operator performs a well intervention operation to maintain the level of optimal pressure in the wellbore, pressure control equipment is used. It consists of many wireline equipments. These types of equipment are manufactured with high-quality standards for withstanding tough situations.

Various types of equipment or valve mechanism, used as wireline pressure control equipment for maintaining wellbore fluid pressure during well workover or intervention process are:

  • Wireline valves
  • Wireline valve equalising systems
  • Compact hydraulic wireline valves
  • Wireline valve Ram configurations

All these are manufactured as per the recommended international standards for varying pressure ratings.

Wireline Fishing or eFishing

These are the tools that are used to pull out the stucked objects from the wellbore. The objects that fall accidentally into the well are referred as “Fish” and tools used for removing them are called fishing tools.

It helps in obtaining broken equipment pieces, tubing, liners or packers while carrying out the drilling process. Removing all the broken pieces of equipment from the wellbore is necessary to continue the drilling process. It keeps bore clean from any metal debris.

Fishing Tools are listed under four categories:

  • Diagnostic Devices – It helps in identifying the area where a tool is left or stuck in the wellbore. The operator then customizes the fishing tool for making an attachment between the fishing tool and the device to be taken out from the wellbore.
  • Inside Grappling Devices – These are used for the recovery process because of their tapered and threaded features that can easily mesh up with the left tool.
  • Outside Grappling Devices – It fits with the threads to grab and hold the fish till it’s pulled out.
  • Jars or Intensifiers – It puts a huge impact on the fish with its downhole hammer action. The fishing tool then hooks up at this impact and retrieves the left tool.

While carrying out the wireline services, all the tools and services mentioned here help in performing the task in a streamlined manner.