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Rough Country Suspension

Driving can be a memory to cherish when the support system of your automotive vehicle is good enough. Just like other parts, the suspension is very crucial for better riding experience. Rough Country Suspension is an adjustable damping system including various parts which act as a connector between the wheel and respective vehicle. It is a member that provides cushion impact to tire against all rough condition. It assures safety and comfort for both driver and passenger from side front shocks. Not only that, if you for fixing respectively large tires to the vehicle suspensions are one-stop the solution.

Rough country Suspensions comes with various sizes to fit in every vehicle. It contains reservoir shocks which are highly efficient to assure a smooth ride. To deliver that, they use multistage-stage adjustable damping system. So in any road or unusual off-road condition, the dial performs quick spins so that it can manipulate every shock and assure high performance. Another mind-blowing and technical feature of Rough country Suspensions is nitrogen-charged Vertex Shocks. It comes with a monotube design attached to an external reservoir. It helps to increase the oil capacity to damping the sensitivity. In a standard 1-3” suspension system, there are two pistons which function during the shock happen that is- 2.5″ diameter piston and 22 mm chrome-hardened piston. 1st one is quite massive. Both of them are designed in such a way that can absorb all the high-end shock to deliver smooth riding.

So basically this hydraulics dissipates the energy coming from the shock. Thus, the vehicle body stays stable from bouncing during rough road riding.

Rough country Suspensions are not just efficient, they look stunning too. The silver-finished sleek steel body of vertex is a real eye-catcher. They are well-build, rust-proof, and assure long-lifespan with double coat zinc plate finish. The shocks are made of CNC-machined

Billet Aluminium accents and come with laser-etched RC logo. The total kit also includes brackets system for rear shocks. They also come with laser-etched logo and a premium braided steel reservoir line. As they are meant to be exposed to extreme condition, materials are heatproof. Items have rubber bushings for great absorption. The rough country also assures three years manufacturer’s warranty for all the Suspensions products. So you don’t need to worry about product quality.

So, there are different road pavements all over the country. If you are roaming around and expect a better driving experience, which is mandatory for a long drive, you should install Rough country Suspensions. These suspensions are easy to install and perfect for jeep, SUV or truck. They are capable of absorbing any high-end shocks with their super technology. They also enhance the look with a honed steel body. Check the dimension you exactly need to fit before buying. Also, be sure about your purpose whether you need levelling kit or lift kit or off-road kit.