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Does the handpan make real magic? Dispelling the myths behind the instrument

The RAV drums will not only be a tool for sound-healing and spiritual practices but will also provide the array of melodies and styles you can use for composing.

Handpans are believed to be the God-sent artifacts to provide human beings with a roadmap to heaven. The handpan sound is believed to help treat mental disorders, heal pain, boost spirituality and provide you with a life-changing existential experience. Is it really true? Or it’s all cheating? Let’s dispel the handpan myths.

You might have seen a whole bunch of pics with the people laying down on the floor in a circle with their heads directed towards the handpan in the center. A musician or sound-healer is playing the instrument while the listeners are reaching nirvana. Let’s be practical, simply laying down and waiting for a miracle has never provided anyone with some mind-blowing results. Claiming that handpans have some unbelievable power to do it is a form of quackery.

Yes, listening and playing music itself has really great properties. Playing music can boost attention, self-awareness, relieve some mental conditions and help to relieve pain as you are distracting from the painful feelings and concentrate on the sound. Some music instruments work for this purpose better than others. And it is true that handpans and tongue drums (that have similar characteristics) have some great advantages comparing with other musical instruments.

The thing is, only a high-quality well-tuned handpan or a tongue drum can provide the ethereal sound and let you benefit from its properties. Once heard the amazing sound, enthusiasts decide to take the drum and often search for some budget options. These cheap versions (usually garage-crafted) sound not better than your old granny’s saucepan, and even the greatest handpan musicians won’t get over it.

No need to talk about newbies.

The untrusted performer will mostly talk about the soothing vibrations, healing, chakras cleansing and etc. Yes, Tantra, an esoteric tradition of Hinduism, assumes there’s a close connection between the sound and the chakras. It is believed that certain notes can influence chakras and retune them. If a session was held correctly, you’ll have a positive effect on all your chakras (and not the only forehead and crown chakras that are connected with hearing), feel relaxed and empowered. Whether you believe it or not, it’s obvious that a poorly-tuned instrument would more likely make you feel frustrated than relaxed.

Choosing the type of instrument is also an issue. Handpan and tongue drum have similar origins, however, most tongue drums have nothing about the amazing handpan sound. At the same time, handpans are harder to deal with and require practice and musical background to create a harmonious melody (that many “practitioners” do not have).

Thus, if you want to live through a deep mind-changing experience, you should choose the right instrument and find a trusted practitioner and real guru who will lead you through this experience. However, you can still benefit from playing the drum without it. When listening to a high-quality handpan or a tongue drum like RAV Pan and RAV Vast, you can actually benefit from the amazing sound properties of these instruments. These drums have no chaotic or ”metallic” twang. The RAV Vast can be acquired even by a total newbie, while the RAV Pan will perfectly suit the needs of professionals.

If you are looking for a drum for sound-healing and other mental practices, opt for the lighthearted scales like the B RUS RAV Vast and the F Pygmy RAV Pan. With the B RUS you can choose the mood depending on your needs, it can be both joyful and moody. It’s a perfect choice for both beginners and advanced players. This tongue drum is easy to play and pair with other instruments. While the F Pygmy RAV Pan is an instrument for professional practitioners and musicians who will be able to retranslate all the amount of sympathetic resonance created by the slightest touch of the drum. The RAV Pan case will make it easy to transport it to sessions.

The RAV drums will not only be a tool for sound-healing and spiritual practices but will also provide the array of melodies and styles you can use for composing. And there’s no need to say that composing music boosts attention, math and communication skills. If you’d like to take the drum for that purpose, take a look at the In Sen RAV Vast. Tuned in F# this scale provides endless options for composing and will be especially great if you are a fan of Japanese culture as this scale is inspired by traditional shamisen music.

Handpans and tongue drums can really provide you with a mind-blowing experience and it’s not a myth. It’s all about choosing the right instruments and staying practical.