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What Handmade Products To Sell Online?

Are you looking to start selling handmade products online? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I am going to give you all the information you need to get started. From what types of products sell best online to how to set up your shop, I’ll cover it all.

Not only will you learn about what sells well online, but you’ll also gain insider tips from experienced sellers on how to make your shop stand out from the competition. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Getting Started Selling Craft Online – The Essential Guide

There are many unique and interesting handmade products that can be sold online. For example, handmade jewellery is always a popular choice, as it can be customised to suit the buyer’s taste. Another popular option is hand-painted art, which can brighten up any home or office. Handmade products such as jewellery, clothes are also in high demand, as they offer a more personal touch than mass-produced items. If you’re looking for something a little different, there are also plenty of unusual and quirky handmade products out there, from wallets made out of recycled materials to one-of-a-kind sculptures. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a handmade product that’s perfect for you.

Top Tips on Selling Handmade Products Online:

#1 Identify your niche for handmade products

Tip number one is: Identify your niche for handmade products. If you are multi-passionate and love to create a variety of handmade products, it can be challenging at first. In reality, when you sell so many different things and styles of handmade items in your shop, you confuse potential customers and they don’t understand what your store is about, often leaving your store without making a purchase. If you want to avoid losing sales, you should narrow down on the type of handmade products you are selling and the specific audience you are catering to, so that you have a distinctive online store (or Etsy shop) and unique brand.

#2 Stay on top of handmade trends

The second tip is to keep up with handmade trends and do some research before selling your handmade crafts. People can only buy handmade items they want to buy. I know this sounds ridiculously obvious, almost too obvious for me to state, but it’s true. In an online handmade marketplace, you can’t simply create a craft product and sell it without ensuring that customers are interested in buying it. Research trends and ensure that you enter the marketplace with product listings that people are actually looking for in order to sell crafts online successfully. See what handmade crafts to sell online in the blog post about studying trends.

#3 Don’t Sell One-Of-A-Kind Products

The third tip – which may not be popular – is to avoid just selling “one-of-a-kind” handmade crafts online. Think about how you can sell handmade product collections. It is not impossible to sell one-of-a-kind handmade items online or to run a successful handmade business doing so. This is because it is so much more difficult. As a result, it takes longer to:

One online sale is a lot of work, and you will have to do it over and over again. Having a few handmade items that are one of a kind is fine so you can test the waters and see what works, but if you’re hoping to scale selling handmade products online, it’s best to have a product collection made up of ready to ship handmade goods.

Having matching handmade items in your product collections encourages customers to buy more than one product from your business. A matching set of earrings and necklace, for example. As a bonus, it integrates your brand with your online store or Etsy site better, making it easier for people to find what they’re looking for than if they stumbled upon a random listing of handmade items. Finally, you can cut down on your arts and crafts supplies costs because you can buy items in bulk rather than each item requiring different materials.

Here are some of our favourite items that are sure to get your creative juices flowing:

T-shirts and printed merchandise 

T-shirts, hats, tank tops, and more. You can add your own personal touch with unique designs and sayings.

What’s the deal with T-shirts and printed merchandise? Well, for starters, they’re both extremely popular items that people love to buy. T-shirts are especially popular because they’re comfortable and can be easily customised with text or images. Printed merchandise is also popular because it can be used to promote a company, event, or cause. In addition, both T-shirts and printed merchandise can be purchased online from a variety of retailers. So, if you’re looking for a unique product or something to promote your brand, consider T-shirts and printed merchandise. They’re sure to please everyone!


Another business idea is making jewellery, which can range from simple and easy (such as beaded necklaces and woven bracelets) to requiring skills and equipment (for example, silversmithing). There is a lot of competition in this market, so it is important to do your research up front – how can your designs stand out? Do you have a niche market to sell to? What can you do to make and sell unique items for your jewellery brand? 

Tips –

  • Follow fashion blogs and influencers to validate your idea by tracking trends in jewellery.
  • Taking photographs of jewellery is extremely important, but it is also difficult due to its scale and reflective properties. Hire a professional to take great photos. Lifestyle shoots can be shared with complementary apparel brands to save money.
  • For budding young entrepreneurs, these are great items to make and sell. There are many things kids can make and sell, including basic jewellery like beaded necklaces.

Enamel pins

Making and selling enamel pins remains an extremely popular thing to do, and they continue to rise in popularity. When it comes to enamel pins, you usually work with a manufacturer, but the design component is up to you. Create your own or hire a designer to do it for you.


There are a variety of candy, cookies, baked goods, chocolates, and jams to choose from. There are endless things you can make and sell with sugar, including spinning, dissolving, and baking. Legalities, labelling, and shelf-life are unique complications in this category, but there is also room for creativity. The following niche markets are available: holidays and occasions, custom, novelty, catering, pet treats, and gift baskets. When considering food business ideas, consider whether selling your product online is feasible. Can shipping be hindered by fragility and refrigeration?