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The Increasing Popularity of Metal Prints

Metal prints have gained popularity when it comes to wedding invitations, cards for important moments in one’s life, and in photo prints. When it comes to a wedding invitation, mixed metal invitations bring an added dose of sultry drama that will make your invitations stand out. Metal prints can be useful for those who want to deviate from cheery aesthetics to a more moodier aesthetic. Here are the reasons why you should consider metal prints for your personalized messages.

They last much longer. Graphics and text fade on paper over time, especially if they are consistently exposed to the sun. One of the main advantages of a metal print is that the photos and images that are used won’t fade as fast. Investing in metal prints will commemorate the event. You can also consider using metal prints for wedding invitations with photos for the more important people in your life like your parents and caretakers.

Much better image quality. Because of the high-gloss finish and the quality polymers used, images on a metal print actually jump, with hues being a lot more saturated and vibrant. The metal print is an experience in itself.

Naturally scratch resistant. Metal prints are highly resilient. During the transfer process, dyes are transferred onto a coating, with the finished product being very durable than conventional paper prints. Also, graphics and text cannot be peeled or scratched, lending for their durability.

Metal prints can also be traditional. Just because you’re using a metal print does not mean that you need to use different fonts and colors. You can still go with your cheery aesthetic or ongoing theme — but now you will know that your wedding invitation cards, and photo books will have much more utility when compared to traditional paper.

They can be washed. It’s metal — you can easily wash them with a mild detergent solution. If one of your guests happens to touch the art and leave fingerprints, you can easily grab a cloth, use a mild detergent, and clean it without damaging the actual print.

Designed to hang. Many metal prints already have indentations for screws and bolts, with the print ready to be hung or placed in a photo book. For larger metal prints, you have the option of a floating mount that will allow the image to be hung up. There’s no need to spend money on a high-end frame. Your artwork is ready to hang on your wall as soon as it is removed from its packaging.

But also, you can frame it. For parents of a bride, they might want to commemorate the event by framing the personal wedding invitation. A metal print easily allows for this.

About Mixbook

Mixbook offers metal prints that can be personalized and customized to your liking. You can upload an image, adjust it for fine tuning like cropping and zooming, and transfer them into a curved or flat metal print that can be used as wall decoration, a birthday gift, or even a grandiose wedding invitation. To learn more about our metal prints, contact us.