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What You Need to Know About Aluminium Cladding

When it comes to cladding, there are many different materials to choose from, including brick and wood.

Although every type of cladding has a purpose, there are some who may not be aware of how beneficial aluminium cladding is when compared to other materials.

As well as offering the same layer protection as other forms of cladding, aluminium cladding can also offer heat insulation and protection against adverse weather conditions.

If you’re looking to add appeal and improve the integrity of a building, then the use of aluminium cladding could be a worthwhile investment, especially given the many other benefits it can offer.

Aluminium Cladding is Versatile

The problem with some forms of cladding can be the restrictions in place. Aluminium is a very adaptable metal that’s used in many industries, and the building sector is no different.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to clad flat surfaces, curved edges or more problematic surface areas, aluminium cladding can be a worthwhile consideration that can be used in scenarios where other options aren’t viable.

Plenty of Options Available

Those who are new to the concept of aluminium cladding may assume that the finish is one and the same, but there are variants available.

Some may prefer to use the classic Shiplap cladding design, whereas others may want to employ the use of the classic Tongue and Groove option.

It’s also easy to assume that the use of aluminium cladding will only provide a grey exterior, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The numerous benefits of aluminium cladding doesn’t mean that the aesthetics of the building must suffer as a result.

The RAL colour scheme is a European matching system that administrates colours used for coatings, plastics and paint and was created in Germany.

RAL refers to ‘Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen,’ the German company that oversees and regulates the RAL colour scheme.

As well as managing the RAL colour scheme, the company also offers updates to those in the building trade about new introductions and changes to the scheme.

Can Breathe New Life into Old Buildings

As well as being beneficial for new building projects, the use of aluminium cladding can also be beneficial for those looking to improve the aesthetics of a building.

Although there could be some restoration work required in relation to the condition of the building, the use of aluminium is an easy and affordable way of ensuring a building looks its best.

Helps Protect All Types of Buildings

When safeguarding business premises, there can be several factors that need to be considered.

As well as the overall security of the building, business owners also need to ensure that the material used is going to be sustainable should an incident such as a fire occur.

Although other measures will need to be implemented to ensure that the building is safeguarded against fire, the use of aluminium cladding can help protect buildings where other material such as wood, would falter.