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Year-Round Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Your home is a significant investment, so giving it regular check-ups is a must. Just like your annual health check, a maintenance schedule for your property and outbuildings will keep everything ticking over throughout the year. Breaking it up into monthly tasks also makes the process easier and more affordable than bulking it all together. Some repairs and maintenance checks also need to be carried out seasonally to avoid issues before the weather turns.  

Many home jobs are simple to do and just require a trip to the local hardware store for supplies. However, there are other tasks that may require a professional, so be sure to identify these and hire an expert to make sure the job is completed to a high standard. 

Home maintenance can feel daunting with so many things to complete. So, below is a checklist to help you get started with your annual schedule. Breaking it down into monthly tasks and seasonal tasks is one of the best ideas. 

Take a look at some of the top things to complete throughout the year to help keep your property and garden in top condition. 

Home improvement checklist – monthly tasks to complete

Monthly tasks are smaller jobs that shouldn’t take too long to complete. By completing these regularly, you prevent further issues in the long term. 

Top things to add to the monthly checklist include:

Test smoke alarmsCheck all alarms, including fire, carbon monoxide, and any extinguishers around the home. Even if your alarms are run by electricity, ensure the backup battery is working. 

Unclog plugs and drains – Ensure the kitchen and bathroom plugs are unclogged. Hair is a common issue in these areas, and it may cause water build-up and problems with pipework in the long term. 

Check electrical cables – General wear and tear on wires around the home happens naturally. Replace any worn and threaded cables immediately as these are a fire hazard. 

Unblock air vents – There are numerous air vents around the home. Clear these by vacuuming them and around the area. Outside air vents should also be cleared of dirt and debris.

Clean the garbage disposal – This area can get clogged with all types of things and begin to smell pretty bad. For an affordable and straightforward cleaning tip, throw in some ice cubes, grind them up, and then flush them with hot water and baking soda. 

Clear sidewalks – Throughout the year, sidewalks around the home get covered in grime and debris. To avoid slips and falls, clear these areas regularly, especially during the colder months. 

Clean the furnace filter – Dust builds up in the furnace filter. Simply clean this to help keep your home heating working efficiently. Regular cleaning of the filter will also help you save money on energy bills. 

Home improvement checklist – Spring tasks to complete

Spring is a great time to get a fresh start on the year ahead. It’s also the time that many people tackle the infamous spring clean to get the house ready for summer. This season is also a great time to evaluate the aftermath of winter and tackle any larger repair jobs that may need completing after the colder weather. 

Check out some of the top jobs to complete in spring, and get your home and garden ready to enjoy when the warm weather returns.

Check the roof – After bad weather throughout the winter, tiles can be displaced without you realizing it. Over time, this may cause leaks and larger problems inside and outside the property. Inspect the roof for broken or missing tiles and replace them as soon as possible. If you don’t have access to the roof safely, hire a professional to conduct an inspection. Regular maintenance of the roof will reduce costly bills in the future. 

Clean windows and doors – Dirt and debris build up around windows and doors can deteriorate the caulking and frame around them. Clean these areas thoroughly and check for any gaps and cracks. 

Clear guttering and drains – Spring is the prime time to clear all the leaves and debris from guttering and drains. By removing this, you’ll prevent water from building up and will spot any repair jobs that need completing. 

Service the air conditioning – There’s nothing worse than going into the warmer seasons and realizing the air conditioning doesn’t work correctly. So, book an air conditioning service in spring to make sure everything is set when you need it. 

Home improvement checklist – Summer tasks to complete

Summer is time for enjoying your home and garden. That means if you’ve completed most of the maintenance tasks throughout the year, there’s not much that needs doing at this time of year. However, there are a few things to consider, including:

Clean your refrigerator and freezer – During the summer, your appliances will be working hard to keep everything cool. To avoid any issues, clean coils and empty the drip trays to reduce moisture build-up. 

Unpack garden furniture from storage – Summer is the ideal time to unpack the garden furniture. If you cleaned it before storing it away last winter, there’s not much to do. However, it might need a wipe down and checks to ensure it’s still in good condition. 

Oil hinges – Oil squeaky door hinges to avoid rust and grime affecting the mechanism. 

Home improvement checklist – Fall tasks to complete

While spring is often titled the season for fresh starts, fall is the same for your home. This time of the year is ideal for tackling all types of jobs around your property. In addition, the weather is typically moderate, and you don’t have to deal with too much rain. Plus, it’s also the perfect time to winterize your home and garden for a comfortable and stress-free cold season.

Check out the top things to complete in the fall:

Book a heating system service – Before the cold weather hits, book a heating system service. A professional will inspect everything and conduct any repairs, so everything is ready when you need it. 

Check for cracks and drafts – One of the most significant ways homes lose heat is through drafts. Even the most minor cracks can cause a room to feel colder. Inspect all windows and doors and repair any noticeable issues. If you have older windows and doors, it’s also a great time to consider upgrading to energy-efficient alternatives. 

Clear fireplaces and flues – Before using your fireplace during the winter, be sure it is clear of debris. Starting a fire with a blocked duct will fill your property with smoke and is a fire hazard. If you need assistance, hire a professional to save you the dirty work. 

Winterize outside faucets and pipes – Nobody wants frozen pipes in winter. So before the cold snap hits, insulate any outside pipes and faucets. Don’t forget about your outbuildings, too.

Clear the garden – if you stopped using your garden furniture, now’s the time to clean it and store it away for spring. It’s also an ideal time to rake debris and leaves from the garden to aerate the lawn. 

Home improvement checklist – Winter tasks to complete

Winter is one of the hardest times of the year for many homes. Wind, rain, snow, and ice can cause many issues, especially if your property has underlying problems. Typical things to be careful of include frozen pipes, heating system failure, and damage to the roof. However, if you’ve covered most of your maintenance schedule off in the fall, there are just a few things to top off your winter checklist, including:

Invest in a snow blower – If you experience heavy snowfall in winter, a snow blower is a perfect addition to your home maintenance plans. These models clear driveways and sidewalks quickly and efficiently, so you can access your property and the nearby roads even in bad weather. 

Protect the air conditioning unit – Air conditioning units may be affected by colder weather, so cover when not in use. 

Avoid cranking up the heat – Your heating system will be under more pressure when the cold weather arrives. To avoid issues throughout the season, avoid changing the temperature dramatically. Instead, keep it at a constant heat to ensure your home stays warm without applying extra pressure to the system. This will also help to minimize larger energy bills during winter. 

Inspect your property after storms – Stormy weather can be unpredictable. No matter how mild or bad a storm is, do a thorough check of outside areas, including the roof, after it passes.  

Maintaining your home and garden during the year saves time and money in the long term. The areas above are just some of the main points to cover when creating your maintenance schedule, and they can be adapted to the type of property you live in. Older homes will need more regular checks, but with these, you’ll have a property that lasts for years to come. So, why not consider creating your own seasonal and monthly schedule, and tackle those jobs you’ve been putting off to help improve your home. 

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