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Four Tips for Home Improvements in Summer 2019

When it comes to making smart and stylish additions to your home, you can sometimes feel a little bit short of inspiration – as though you’ve got to a point where your interior is nice but it’s not perfect. In such a rut of creative imagination, it’s easy to neglect those little things that can make your house into a comfortable, characterful and cheerful home – and it’s this stagnation that this article aims to address. Offering four top tips for home improvements, the below introduces some of the easiest ideas to get your home improvement drive back on track for summer 2019. Also check out for unique and useful tips.

Furniture Turnaround

Many people inherit the furniture that they’re currently using in their home. Whether it was left by previous tenants and occupants, or you yourself found it on freecycle and other trading sites, it’s incredible that so many people put up with a low standard of furniture in their homes. Now you’re earning a little more, and you’re able to make a smarter decision about your furniture layout, size, shape and colour, it’s time to turnaround your furniture. Sell your old pieces to new tenants and first-time buyers, and bring in brand new, plush and inviting furniture from for that feeling of blissful comfort.

Walls and Floors

Another colossal element to any household interior are the walls and floors that constitute the majority of the building in which you live your life. They’re liable to get damaged and worn over time, with carpets receiving stains and smells and walls finding scuffs and marks over the years. If you’re looking for a fresh home make-over, you should consider bringing in sparkling new floors – with tiles and dark wood floorboards up there with the most fashionable in 2019 – or papering your walls with funky new designs that’ll give your home a classier and more comfortable feel.


With the rise in smart home technology hitting UK home-owners this decade, there’s been no shortage to the amount of tinkering you can do with your home’s lighting. This ranges from the simple and traditional solutions – like adding a dimmer switch instead of a binary one – to going and getting yourself a centrally-controlled, mood-dictated and multi-functional lighting system that can cater towards parties, cosy movie nights, your reading hour in the evening, and everything in between. Lighting plays a massive role in the feel of your home, so should be in the forefront of your mind when you consider a home revamp.

Open Plan

The final tip is also the most dramatic: knocking through some walls in order to create an open-plan downstairs environment in your home. Not only is the summer the best time to do this – with the warm weather helping you move your furniture from place to place – but the open plan ethos of expansive spaces and large social rooms is exactly what is on-trend in 2019 and is expected to be well beyond. Consult a builder, talk to construction companies, and make this dream a reality over summer 2019.

If you’re looking to make some changes to your home this summer, you won’t go far wrong with the four tips outlined above.