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Warning Signs You Need New Roofing for Your House

Apart from the external walls of your house, the roof is also an important part of the entire structure. It is subjected to various types of weather changes, due to which it may wear out sooner than expected most of the times. You will come across many homeowners who wait until the very last minute to change the roof of their houses. They normally wait for leakages in their roofs before they consider it the right time to Call Pro Choice Roofing. There may be several reasons behind the leak in your roof. However, which factors are crucial to consider when it comes to hiring a professional is a rather tough question to answer.

Tips That Will Help You Determine Whether You Need a New Roof

Here are some tips that will go a long distance in helping you determine whether you need a new roof for your home or not.

The Age of The Old Roof: Just like everything else, even the roof your house has a lifespan. According to experts, a typical roof should last between 20 years and 25 years. It will also depend on whether you had the old rood removed in the past and whether there is just a single layer of shingles. If the existing roof was installed over an age-old layer or several layers, you will definitely require a new roof.

Shingles Buckling and Curling: If you notice that the shingles on your roof are buckling or curling, then understand that it is time for a new roof. Just take a look at the slopes of your home, especially the part that receives a direct sunlight. If you notice that the shingles are losing granules or curling, it could simply mean that the lifespan of the shingles is over. It may also mean that the roof is defective.

Roof Valleys: If you notice that your roof shingles are missing or falling apart, it is a sure sign that you require a new roof. The valleys of your roof are the most important areas of the entire roof. Rain water and snow flow through these valleys into the gutters. If the valleys of your roof are compromised, it may result in roof leaks.

Chimney Flashing: Another area of concern is the chimney flashing. If the flashing comprises of tar or roof cement, you may have to get it replaced with a water-tight and long-term fitting that would basically be a metal flashing system.

Daylight through The Roof: When you walk on the roof, do you feel a trampoline bounce or a spongy feel? This may mean that the underlying decking has weakened due to moisture. Check the attic room for any signs of daylight entering through the roof boards. Do not forget to check for moisture in the insulation.

Gutter Loaded with Shingle Granules: When a roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it will generally lose more shingle granules. Thus, check for these granules in your gutters. This will mean a new roof is needed badly.

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