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Overcoming the Problems of Choosing a Men’s Wedding Ring

In the past, the focus tended to be on the bride’s wedding ring. She would spend ages picking out the perfect gleaming band, all ready to show off to the wedding guests. These days though, the majority of men getting married also wear a ring, and choosing that ring can be more difficult for men than it often is for women. We look at some common problems you may face when choosing a ring, and how to overcome them…

You’re not used to wearing rings

If you’re not used to wearing rings, it can feel odd to have that band on your finger, but this is something you really shouldn’t worry about. You’ll soon get used to it, and eventually you’ll feel odd if you’re not wearing it, like if you forget to put your watch on in the morning. Remember when you first wore a tie for school? It felt so strange and tight and uncomfortable, but in no time you forgot all about it and it just became natural. You didn’t notice it after that, for all those years you were in school it became a natural thing to wear just like all your other clothing. A ring is just the same. You get used to the feeling of it and it just becomes part of you.

You can’t find a style that suits you

When you’re looking at wedding rings, it’s likely you’ve simply visited a store near your home. While there will be some choice, you may find that all the rings are pretty similar or there just isn’t enough choice for you. You just know that you don’t like what you’re seeing. Don’t rush into buying a ring, even if your other half has immediately found one they love. Remember, you’ll be wearing this ring every day for the rest of your life. Bide your time and find the ring that is perfect for you. If you look for men’s wedding rings online you’ll find so much more choice available to you. All different types of rings, so you can pick one out that reflects your own personality. You are unique and so your wedding ring should be too!

You’re worried about durability

A wedding ring can be a big investment, both financially and emotionally. You may be worried about scratching your ring, especially if you have a very active lifestyle or do a lot of manual work. Of course you can choose to remove your ring when you’re working, but if you’d prefer to keep your wedding ring on all the time, you can just opt for a highly durable and scratch resistant material such as tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is really tough, it won’t bend yet it will still look amazing and feel comfortable. It’s a great option for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Do the rings have to match?

Your other half has picked out a beautiful rose gold band with diamonds set into it. While it looks gorgeous on her, you’re just not so sure that it’s the perfect choice for yourself. It’s nice to have matching wedding rings, but there are plenty of ways to make them matching while still being very different. For instance, you could pick out the same ring in a different metal, or you could pick an entirely different ring and simply have each others initials or your wedding date engraved inside each one.

Do I have to get a traditional gold band?

Weddings are full of traditions, but it’s entirely up to you which of these traditions you follow and which parts of your wedding you put your own slant on. It’s YOUR wedding and you can do what you like. People get married in crazy costumes, in hot air balloons with a cake made of cheese. So if you want a ring that is a little unusual, then go for it! You could have a traditional wedding band, but in a different colour, how about black or blue? You could opt for a band with an inlay of precious stone, or even wood. Celtic designs are a popular choice, but there are so many options available, you’ll find the perfect wedding ring that reflects your own personality and style. Long gone are the days of men having to wear a boring brand that’s either yellow gold or silver. Nowadays you can get men’s wedding bands in virtually any color and made of just about any metal or material you can think of. Lightweight options (i.e. ceramic wedding bands or carbon fiber wedding bands) are great for men who aren’t used to wearing heavy rings on their fingers, and silicone rings are always a strong consideration due to their flexibility.

How do you know what size to get?

Another dilemma we face is what size to get, but finding out your ring size is actually very easy. A jewelry store will be able to measure your finger and tell you the size, but if you’re planning on taking advantage of the greater choice of rings online you can simply buy a ring sizer, they literally cost a few cents. An even easier method is to use a piece of string and look up the length to find your ring size. Remember to measure your finger when the temperature is average as our fingers can swell in warmer conditions and get a little smaller when cool.