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How to Choose the Right Walking Shoe for You

With gas prices and inflation going up, it only stands to reason that you are going to do a lot more walking. Due to this, you need to find the right walking shoe. Even if you already own running shoes, it is important to understand that this will not help you when waking for extended periods of time. On this note, here are the tips to follow to find the right walking footwear for you: 

Choose a Good Brand 

The last thing that you want is your new footwear to start falling apart. It is due to this that you should always invest in a good brand. For instance, Walking on a Cloud NB sneakers are a great way to go. This is a tried-and-true brand and you are going to be able to get great mileage out of it. 

Now, you may be hesitant to pay more for a good brand. Keep in mind that this kind of footwear is typically made from higher grade materials. They have also been put together more efficiently. As such, they are likely to last you a long time. 

Select the Right Fit 

It can be argued that getting a proper fit is more important than any other factor. After all, if your shoes don’t fit you properly, what is the point? If you are getting your footwear from an online Canadian shoe store then it is all about getting the right measurements. Place your feet on a sheet of paper and draw around them. Then, take the measurements. 

Keep in mind that one foot tends to be bigger than the other. So, buy your footwear based on the bigger size. Also, while the shoes should fit you well, there should also be a little bit of room around the toes so that they aren’t too tight.  

Look for Plenty of Support 

Footwear that offers you a great deal of support offers both comfort as well as protection while you are walking. If you are buying the shoe from a physical store, take it in your hand and attempt to twist it. This shouldn’t happen easily. 

Look for support around the ankles, especially if you have weak ankles. You should also pay attention to your arch type. Find a shoe that will support a high or low arch so that your gait will be optimal. 

The Right Shoe Will Be Comfortable Immediately 

Don’t believe that old myth that you need to break in shoes. Particularly when it comes to walking shoes, they should feel comfortable immediately. So, if something feels off, uncomfortable, or you are getting blisters, then this isn’t a good sign. 

It means that either the design of the shoe doesn’t work for you or it is the wrong size. In any case, it needs to be exchanged for a new or better pair. 

These are the main guidelines to follow when buying a walking shoe. As long as you pay attention to these tips, you should find it relatively easy to find the perfect pair for you. This means a far more comfortable walk!