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The Skin Before and after Acne Removal by the Experts

Acne can be one of the most annoying skin problem. If you have experienced acne breakout or suffering from it right, you must have a lot of questions about your acne like ‘Where did I get it?’, ‘What’s the immediate remedy for this?’, or ‘How can avoid it?’. I know, right? It just suddenly appears from nowhere. Well, not really. Here are the answers to your acne dilemma.

What Causes Acne?

There are lots of reasons and factors why we tend to experience acne formation on our skin. It can be due to our intakes or something that involves our outer layer of skin.

One possible reason is our diet and lifestyle. There’s a developing assortment of research that proposes skin inflammation is tied with eating routine and way of life. Our expanded consumption of dairy and handled food have been connected to expanded dimensions of skin inflammation.

Alongside eating routine, the strategies and recurrence of washing our skin have changed definitely. By washing our face as regularly as we do, we might make our bodies deliver over the top measures of oil, which obstruct our pores and afterward lead to skin inflammation.

Another reason of acne breakouts is our hormones. The ascent of androgen hormone levels is straightforwardly credited to Skin break out. As androgen levels rise, the oil organs sitting straightforwardly underneath the skin extend and create expanded dimensions of oil, otherwise called sebum.

A rearing ground of microscopic organisms will form as pores are loaded up with unreasonable sebum, it can cause encompassing skin cells’ dividers to crack. Acne will then start to form when the sebum endeavors to push out of the pore and join the bacteria and dead skin cells thus causing a blockage.

Acne Treatments by Experts

Now that you’re ready to get rid of your acne, what exactly should you do? Well, there are a lot options for you. If you have a budget to visit your dermatologist, it’s the best way you can do. But, if you’re on a tight budget, here are the options you can choose that are recommended by experts:

Topical Products. If you’re experiencing mild acne breakout, then your best option is to treat it with topical products. You can opt to gels and creams depending on your skin type. If you have oily skin, then avoid greasy products that may trigger more acne breakout.

It’s best to treat gentle skin inflammation by applying topical items according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Mayo Clinic specialists state these products that help evaporate overabundance oil, eliminate bacteria, and help expel dead skin cells are regularly accessible over the counter and contain fixings like benzoyl peroxide, anti-infection agents, salicylic corrosive or retinoid.

Healthy food.What we eat will surely affect our health including the health of our skin. Therefore, be sure to follow a good acne diet when you want to treat your acne for better and permanent result. It is suggested by AAD that avoiding foods that contain high GIs will help reduce acne.

Dairy products including chocolates, foods with high GI and GL content are the foods you should avoid if you want to treat your acne. These foods will more likely cause more breakouts to your skin as they cause your body to produce more sebum thus clogging your pores that turns to acne.

What to eat? You need foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, spinach, soy products, pastured eggs and many more. So, don’t pout because you can’t eat your favorite chocolate. You still have a lot of foods to eat that will not only prevent you from breakout but will also actually help you improve your acne.

Natural Treatment. For natural treatment, a lot of dermatologists recommend the application of organic oil such as argan oil to treat acne. As Dr. Bhanusali said “Even though it is an oil, it regulates sebum protection and actually helps prevent breakouts (and is an amazing moisturizer).”

You can also use acne as a natural treatment for acne. It’s a very good anti-bacteria organic product that will stop accumulation of bacteria on the acne-prone skin. It’s best mixed with turmeric or cinnamon and use it as a facial mask.

Another natural treatment that’s usually available in your home is ice. A skin breakout issue normally has a few segments, and one of them is an aggravation. At the point when your skin winds up excited, it looks red and swollen, similar to that pimple that appears in the nick of time when you bump into someone you like. One easy way to avoid acne formation is the application of ice.

Ultrasonic Skin Scraping Spatula.Another option for those who are in tight budget but would really love to get a treatment from salons is this skincare tool. Ultrasonic skin scrapping spatula is known for its amazing benefits to the skin. It can exfoliate the skin by extracting the present sebum and remove dead skin. It can even remove blackheads that may result to acne.

Ultrasonic skin scraping spatula is widely used in salons for various skincare treatments but it has a compact version you can use on your own home and is more affordable. You can find it on Amazon.