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Six Cool Gadgets to Take on Your Next Road Trip

More people than ever are taking to the road for their next greatest trip. And while many people start to think about cruises and Caribbean all-inclusive vacation packages, studies have shown the “great American road trip” is alive and well. A study conducted by AAA found that nearly 80% of American families plan on hitting the road at some point during the year. And another study conducted by MMGY Global found that a whopping 39% of vacations in America between 2017 and 2018 were road trips.

Of course, there are several items to check off your to-do list as you plan a road trip. For instance, you’d want a reliable insurance policy that caters to RVs (which you can find more info about here: You’d want your vehicle to be checked by a mechanic to ensure it’s in good condition for a long drive. Then, you’d need all your essentials, like emergency first aid kits, extra water, printed maps or an atlas, and more. However, there are some non-essential items that will certainly better your road trip experience by making it more fun and easier. With that in mind, here are six cool gadgets you can take on your next road trip:

Portable Beer Tap

The craft beer industry has exploded across the industry. According to the Atlantic Magazine, “craft beer is the strangest, happiest economy in America.” And whether you prefer craft beers or the staple classics like Heineken and Coors, there’s no doubt about the appeal of the TrailKeg Gallon, a portable beer tap that attaches to the back of your vehicle. After you fill it with your favorite beer, a CO2 regulation system helps it stay cool and carbonated throughout the duration of your trip. It will stay cold for 24 hours, and cool for many hours after. However, it can stay carbonated for weeks at a time.

Pocket Shower

If you’ve ever been on a road trips, you know taking showers isn’t the easiest thing in the world when you’re on the road. You’re tasked with finding the right campsite, RV park, or hotel where you and your friends can freshen up. Sometimes—especially when you’re traveling in more deserted areas or are on a tight budget—showers can prove pretty trying.

With the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower, your hygiene becomes streamlined. This leak proof bag can be filled with water and hung on a brand or any overhead mechanism for a fast cleaning. It keeps the water at the same temperature for several hours. You’re also able to control the water pressure, and because it holds ten liters, you’re guaranteed a 7-minute shower at a minimum.


When your morning is about to start off with a long drive, chances are you’re one of many that could use a nice cup of coffee. The Minispresso is a portable espresso machine that allows you to prepare high-quality shots of espresso reminiscent of a traditional at-home espresso. machine. These thermo-sized machines are compact and visually appealing. They do not require cartridges, compressed air, or electricity. Simply use your favorite shot of coffee and some hot water, and you’re good to go.

Pocket Projector

When you’re on the road, staying entertained can become quite numbing when you’re always staring at a small mobile screen. Of course, some RVs are equipped with small, mounted televisions. But even still, sometimes you want something a little bigger. That’s where a pocket project comes into play. Fortunately, there are several brands you can choose from. While each varies in terms of quality and features, the premise is the same: turn the side of your mobile home (or any flat surface) into an outdoor movie theatre.

The Coolest

The Coolest is a cooler is a cooler system, but it isn’t your average cooler. This cooler not only stores your food and drinks to keep them cold, but is equipped with a USB, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, built-in plates, a cutting board, and even a built-in blender. In the front, you’ll find a secure compartment for must-have items, like your car keys and wallet, as well as a magnetic bottle opener and corkscrew. Clearly, this is the only cooler you’ll ever need.

The Scrubba

Just like taking a shower, washing your clothes on the road is pretty difficult. A washer and dryer are hard to find when you’re mobile, and it can definitely chip away at your budget to search for parks that have them. The Scrubba is an easy-to-use portable washing magazine that’s something of a cross between an old-fashioned washing board and a modern washing machine. Requiring no electricity, simply put your clothes into the bag, and several proprietary bead-like pieces create a washing process that’s twice as effective as hand-scrubbing.