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Cuffed Jeans, Right Shoes, Neat Hairs: Here’s How Men Can Ace Street Fashion!

Being evolved faster than any technology, men’s fashion has become more than one could ever expect! From teddy boys to be gothic look to hipster, office and airport looks, men’s style has taken a giant metaphorical leap in previous years. However, amidst all these trends, one thing that has come up is ‘street style’ fashion.

Be it jogger pants, drop shorts, caps or oversized hoodies, this hipster looking fashion is over ruling the fashion world. While it grows from the streets, it’s casual and talks about one’s attitude. If you want to win the game of slaying these looks, here are some of the things to keep in mind. Also check vivipins for latest mens fashion and styling.

Streets Looks Are All About Experimenting:

Get into your room, open your closet and try every single piece of cloth in it. Mix and match patterns, colors and fabrics. Test your fashion senses and merge things. Be it layering, contrasting, choosing neutral hues or anything else, just try it!

Monochromes Are The Best:

Monochromes are as above of all charts; so pick the most basic colors and slay your looks. Whites and blacks are easy and are often stylish, so be a master of wearing them! Pick a white tee over black bottoms and vice versa.

Try out an eye-catching look with a pair of joggers, or classic shoes which you have got used the Cole Haan Promo Code. Be it your lazy days or it’s the airport style or you simply want to be in comfort, pull them out and get going!

Rags Are The Best Fashion Mates:

Street style= rugged, torn togs!

If you have a pair of jeans that is resting in your closet because it doesn’t fit you anymore, bring it up, slit cut or tear it and give it a punk makeover. You can pair it with a shirt or with a T-shirt or can wear the shirt over T-shirt look.

Prints and Denim:

Denim is the Love! They are for everyone in the universe. Whether its monochromes or basics or bold colors, denim looks perfect with everything. When you don’t know what to wear, grab a pair of denim shirt and pair it with anything.
A printed shirt with denim shorts would look perfect for a lunch day. With denim, go minimal, add fun and get ready for street styles!

Let Your T-Shirts Say Everything!

Text T-shirts are in everyone’s closet and says what you feel and what’s in your mind. Grab them and look perfect! Let them say what you are feeling, but make sure to not go overboard. Pick some quirky text T-shirts or just a phrase to rock your street style.

Street Style Is All About Comfort:

No matter what you wear, be it shorts, denim or quirky outfits; make sure everything you wear is comfortable. You can go for track pants, shorts and joggers. Just dress a bit down and stay comfortable in style.

If shoes are not comfortable to you, try flip-flops for a nonchalant look. Add some fun and style yourself with a carefree look!

Let the Head talk:

Get into your hoodies or a cap and let your face look neat. You can even try a man bun to increase your sex appeal. Street style hairstyle is not neat. Instead, it should be quirky and all jazzed. Spikes will also look perfect for short hairs.

Shoes Are A Must!

Let your shoes do the talking; wear it in a right way and get ready to rock! The right way to highlight your shoe look is to take out simple clothes with your shoes looking distinctive and different.
For a sharp, but less restrictive look, try sneakers or metallic shoes. Not only they are relaxed but are more casual than old-school sports shoes.

Loose Things Are What You Need:

Effortless style is what a part of the street style. Pull up your joggers and dress down stylishly. Bored with the cotton version of joggers? Try the denim version of joggers and play it up! There’s an entire range of a trendy pair of joggers that you pick.

Street style is something that any guy can take off; just that perfect vibe and attitude is required. If you have that one vibe, for sure you will ace your street style game.