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Personalized Wedding Invitations Online

When everything is eco-friendly, then why cannot we have such wedding invitations. Thanks to the digital devices and the internet, it is possible today. If someone does not want to invest in paper which is pretty wise today then he should go for the digital online wedding invites. 

If you think that these invites will take no time and it is very easy then you need to get the facts straight. The main things in designing the wedding card are not simple, one has to brainstorm and look at the trends. 

You will be surprised to know that many people do not pay much heed to the wedding invitations online. It is a pity because there are several pros that come with these fantastic and trending wedding invitations online. 

Why should you consider the online wedding invitation?

Before we start and tell you how you can design the personalised wedding invitation it would be better to let you know why should you design one.

So the top reason to have the digital wedding invitation is to save time and to do everything in an organised way. Those who are a busy being cannot get time to design the traditional wedding invitation can think of the digital wedding invite.

If you want to have it hassle free then this is the only option for you. Printing papers can take forever and to customize the cards you will have to pay a lot of money. 

fast and easy response is another reason why you should choose the digital wedding invite if you would send the traditional wedding invitation with a response card then the response could take almost a week to reach you. doesn’t it sound really old school?

The last reason is the money you will not only have to pay for the cards but you will also pay for that posting service. Altogether it will be a huge financial burden. 

Ideas for personalized wedding invitation 

You are a bear with why you should go for the digital wedding invitations we have mentioned a few trending ideas too. 

The minimalist version

So what the First things first who doesn’t like a simple wedding card with the names of the groom and bride? 

You should believe in the power of less is more. if your wedding theme is a floral one or you don’t want to make it an extra big wedding then the minimalist cards would be the best idea for you.

The royal style 

 Royal design wedding invitation card will mean that you should try the metallic, gold or silver shades over whites and pastels. 

It is also very minimal. However the one thing that you will have to work on is the intricate design.

There should be some patterns at the border of the card because this is what we generally take as the royal wedding invitation cards.

The floral one

Those who wish to have that lively vibe can think of the colourful pink, blue, yellow and green flowers. 

There are a lot of things that you can do with the floral design. you can either make a card with a floral centre or the one with the floral borders or it can be a floral cover with a simple card inside.

The sketches 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your sketch ad your partner’s sketch on the wedding card? It sounds pretty artistic but you must be wondering if you can do it yourself or not? Many people think that they need an artist to make such a personalised card.

Don’t worry anyone can do it. All you need to do is get a very amazing and reliable photo editor and then choose the sketch filter. It will turn your pictures into a sketch you can use this for the wedding card.

Things to consider when designing 

Designing a digital wedding invitation card will be different from the traditional wedding invites. Here you can add different links too. We have a listed a few tips that you should follow while designing an online digital wedding invitation card.

  • So the first thing to consider is the font and the colour of the ink. it has to be bold and prominent.
  • The colour of the wedding invitation should be light if the font colour is a bit dark and vice versa.
  • Don’t forget to add the map or the link of the destination.