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5 Career Lessons from Successful Founders

Choosing the right career path for yourself is difficult, but when you read the career lessons and advice of the most renowned business leaders, it can help. The experiences of successful people offer great learning and inspiration. 

Developing your plan for the future is important; it helps you put the effort in the right direction. It is rare that he would know from his younger days about his goal. So, the best thing is to ensure that one is good in academics and sports, both till he/she figures out what he/she wants to do. For this, one can self-study or take guidance from tutoring in Melbourne or whichever city he/she is in. 

Apart from this, students must read about successful people and their advice. Acquainting yourself with the teachings of successful people brings positive enlightenment that can help to carve a successful future. In this blog, we have discussed the key career lessons of some successful people, so read on. 

Providing opportunities and keeping employees happy- Larry Page

The famous American business magnate and co-founder of Google, Larry Page, once said that it is important to provide the right opportunity to the people surrounding you. This means the professional must treat colleagues, employees, and seniors in the same manner and respect as they treat their potential clients. He emphasizes that happy employees are far more productive than non-happy employees. 

Plus, to increase their productivity, it is best to reward the workers for their hard work and outstanding performance. They will return the favor by acting as the best asset for your business. He also talks about the personal development plan wherein one needs to highlight the goal one wants to accomplish, preparing the right plan for it, and then executing the right actions. 

Travel through the rocky road – Kimberly Eberl

Kimberly Eberl, the founder, and CEO of Motion PR highlights that failure is the door to new opportunities. She was fired from her job but learned from the job experiences and implemented the same in her company. Her experience helped her establish a strong brand. She believes that a good mentor is important for business growth, and if you are not able to find one, you can learn from others who have traversed the rocky road of success. Their experiences and best practices can guide you in your personal and professional growth. 

Adapt to grow in future- Jeff Bezos

A common theme to be followed when starting a business is adaptability and flexibility. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, says that if an entrepreneur is not flexible or easily adaptable, he/she will be forced to hit their head against the wall as they won’t see a different solution to their problems when trying to solve them. 

There are two ways of being flexible, the first is to trust the process, and the second is to trust yourself. Here, trusting the process means you have to try and fail many times to reach the outcome. By trusting yourself, it means that you don’t wait for an opportunity to fit your situation. Instead, you find an opportunity yourself and make it fit. 

Be passionate trust your instinct and overcome your fears- Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, does not need any introduction. He is looked up to for inspiration by entrepreneurs globally. 

He is a role model for millions, and people often read and hear his interviews and speeches for valuable career lessons and advice. According to Steve Jobs, one must try and choose the career one has the passion for and give one’s best to it. He also advocated listening to one’s instinct or gut feeling when making career and business decisions. Another piece of advice from him is having faith in one’s curious and intuitive mind to choose the right path. He also talked about overcoming failures and not getting pressurized by others’ expectations. So, these are some valuable lessons one can follow.

Be limitless- Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay Ash (founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics) believed that one must be courageous when making decisions. She said that only courage helps one to progress further and further. Also, she advocated courageous leadership. Her famous quote says, “Success is largely a matter of stumbling forward. 

We fail forward to success.” Furthermore, she said that one should never try to limit one’s abilities. Rather, one must explore new things and push one’s limits to have a bright future. According to her, one must focus on what one can achieve instead of negative thoughts.  


The lessons mentioned above are great learnings from some of the most successful founders. With these valuable lessons, you can surely move ahead in the right direction and change your career trajectory.