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How to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy Over The Festive Season

Caring for your teeth over the festive season can seem like an impossible task, however by sticking to your daily routine and brushing daily, you can prevent sugar staying on the teeth and causing erosion. Whether you decide to brush normally with the addition of chewing gum, or you add a mouthwash just to maintain healthy enamel until the new year there are a number of ways that you can change your daily routine to keep your teeth healthy.

Keep Sugary Treats For Mealtimes

Though it may seem tempting to opt for sugary food all day long, this can be damaging to your teeth. By keeping them for mealtimes only, your mouth can create excess salvia helping to remove the sugar and harmful bacteria from the teeth. Though this will help to maintain a healthy mouth in the short term, it is important to not neglect your normal brushing routine as this will completely remove the sugar from your teeth.

Chewing Sugar-Free Gum

Though brushing your teeth is important, taking advantage of sugar-free gum can help to neutralise plaque acid and remove harmful bacteria. Though it is not a substitute for brushing, a number of Finchley dentist clinics, as well as other dentists up and down the UK, recommend using sugar-free gum to remove plaque and leftover food from gums and keep teeth healthy when either drinking or eating sugary food. Whether you opt for a peppermint or spearmint flavour, this can keep your breath smelling great whilst whitening the teeth. Keep them in your handbag or on a number of worksurfaces around the house as a reminder to look after your teeth this holiday season.

Finish Off The Day With A Cheese Board

Though this may seem like a strange way of caring for your teeth as it neutralises plaque acid and encourages the strengthening of the enamel due to the calcium. The higher the PH level is on the surface of the tooth the more protected it is against erosion from fruit juices and other acidic foods. Though a cheese board does protect the teeth to a certain extent, it is also the perfect festive treat for you and your family and friends to enjoy after a large meal as there can be a different cheese for everyone.

Keep To Your Daily Routine

Though it is all to easy to abandon your daily routine around the festive season it is important to ensure that you keep brushing your teeth in the morning and the evening. During this time, it is important to use mouthwash as well as floss to ensure that all harmful bacteria are removed, and the surface of the tooth remains as clean as possible. It is also important to ensure that your children stick to their daily routine as this will prevent them from getting cavities or gum disease as a result of not brushing their teeth in the morning and evening.

With this in mind, you can continue to care for your teeth all whilst enjoying all the sweets and treats that come along with the holiday season. Happy Holidays!