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7 Qualities of an effective Leader

Leadership is a key pillar in every organization, school, country, or family. Without leadership, things could easily go wrong. For everything to go well a leader should have good qualities. Below are 7 qualities of an effective leader.

1. Courage

Every leader should be courageous in their line of duty. Courage influences a lot of things. For instance, courage influences the ability to make difficult decisions, letting you put cost effective measures in place.

Courage also makes you a risk-taker. You have the ability to try new things as a leader. The good thing about risks is that you’re prepared for a negative outcome. What happens for a positive outcome, a win for all, isn’t it?

2. Integrity

As a leader, you should have integrity. As it is known, integrity starts from the top. When there is no integrity in leadership, the rest of the team will be affected. The benefit of being a person of integrity as a leader is that you’ll be able to accept when things go wrong. It is easier to correct an acknowledged mistake rather than a mistake you’ve refused to accept.

Integrity serves the right purpose in achieving goals as a team.

3. Willingness to learn

You should be ready to learn. One way of learning is through mistakes. From past experiences, you could know how better to do something or the correct way of doing it. This helps you have different approaches to matters that need your attention.

You can also learn from school. , you could increase your studies. Let’s say you have a degree of science in leadership, you could upgrade to a leadership master’s degree.

This will help you use educational and recommended approaches in handling leadership.

4. Be humbled

Humility is a key structure in leadership. Humility allows a seamless flow of work. It also makes you approachable to your team members.

Furthermore, humility helps you acknowledge other people’s work. This is when a team member or your colleagues make important points, you can acknowledge their work. Not only acknowledge it but, acknowledge it without any negative feeling. 

Humility also enables your fellows to contribute to matters not related to their line of work. A worker can help you with a task even if you’ve not asked them to.

5. Focus and listen

A good leader should be focused on their work and listen to his teammates. Focus inspires you to work hard. As a leader, you should be focused on your work to the best results out of your work. Without focus, you could lose your way to achieving your goals. 

Also a leader you should be ready to listen. Listen to your teammates, to people above you or below you. A listening leader is always ready to receive new ideas and they can be corrected. A bad listener cannot focus on what’s right because they don’t get the right feedback or hardly any. Thus, you cannot be able to achieve your goal as a leader.

6. Plan strategically

Everything relies on planning and feedback. But, you must plan first. Good planning leads to the right feedback. You may ask when planning begins?

Planning begins from the very start of the hiring or recruiting process. With the correct plan, you choose the required staff for the job and the required number of staff you need to recruit. 

Moreover, a good planner is able to have proper ways for how work should be done. They will implement an all-round plan for their line of leadership. Thus, everyone will know when to do their job.

7. A good vision

Any leader without a vision is misleading. You should have the right vision for an organization or institution so as to work properly. Vision influences you to have a plan. A good vision also influences you to plan correctly.

You can’t have a plan without a vision, then you’ll be planning to achieve nothing. Vision also influences the productivity of a leader. A good vision will help you work to achieve your vision. On the other hand, lack of vision promotes laziness hence one cannot become productive.

No vision is the same as no goal. And no goal means no work should be done since you have nothing to achieve.


Leadership is for people with the right qualities of a leader. When you don’t have the correct qualities, you cannot figure out when to plan or how to plan. Which in turn, will lead you to make poor decisions. Also, without the right qualities of a leader, you cannot achieve the goals of an organization.