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Nonprofit Data Management Guide: Software, Tools, & Tips For Keeping Your Data Organized

Taking a practical approach to nonprofit data integration can make managing the data integral to running an organization less daunting. Regardless of the constituent engagement, fundraising and recordkeeping software in use, a cloud-based integration platform provides the tools necessary to streamline nonprofit data. Here are helpful tips for using integration software and tools to keep donor data in order and ready to use for your next fundraising campaign.

Software #1: Omatic Cloud for Data Integration

Regardless of the software platforms you use to manage constituent relationships, run fundraising campaigns and keep track of accounting data, the data integration software that connects these platforms plays a critical part in promoting data organization.

Whether you need to perform a Raiser’s Edge import or export data from the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, Omatic Cloud is compatible with all of the leading software platforms managing accounting, constituent and operational data. This platform includes an array of utilities that are useful for organizing data and making information available across platforms.

A few of the most helpful utilities that are built into this integration software include ImportOmatic for quick and reliable data imports and exports across platforms, a Data Health and Integration Suite for automatically completing and improving records, and other tools that make it easier to connect email marketing or financial platforms and enhance the functionality of any database.

ImportOmatic Helps To Ensure No Duplicate Data

Each feature of Omatic Cloud has extensive functionality. A tool such as ImportOmatic stands out for its usefulness in facilitating automatic or manual data imports across platforms. In addition to maintaining current records, this utility can also check to confirm that duplicate records are not present. Manual or automated data imports that do not check records for consistency can lead to higher costs. Constituents may be sent multiple giving requests or be contacted repeatedly even after making a contribution.

Other platform connection and data enhancement utilities included in Omatic Cloud make it possible to put unique records to good use. These utilities make it easier for stakeholders to identify the most effective ways to identify and approach donors with giving requests.

Integration software includes tools that are useful for driving campaigns as well as utilities that enable stakeholders to access data to inform analysis of return on investments and total costs of ownership of a nonprofit’s resources, including the cost of licensing CRM or operational management software.

A complete suite of cloud-based data integration solutions can give nonprofit staff, volunteers and other stakeholders the tools necessary to organize nonprofit data. Accurate data that is available when and where it is most useful undergirds successful fundraising outcomes, the growth of a nonprofit consituency over time and the achievement of short- and long-term goals.

Some of the major benefits of this approach are that these tools can be used manually or automated to manage portions of a workflow that were formerly error-prone and tedious for staff or volunteers. The ability to import and export records while correcting and standardizing data and eliminating duplicate entries helps to keep keep donor data organized.