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How Do I Stop My Bed Frame From Shaking?

Imagine coming home after a 9-5 job, an exam you studied the entire night for, or a night shift, and all you want is a good nap to release all the stress that you had.

The moment you lay on the bed, the bed frame starts shaking, and you are filled with calls and voicemails from your neighbors asking you to keep it down.

A nightmare, isn’t it? A squeaky bed frame at a time when all you wanted were a few hours of sleep. No matter how much you try, your mattress and your bed frame are not ready to call in peace.

That is where we come in on guiding you about how exactly you can stop your bed frame from squeaking. The Home Detail’s wooden bed collection has a wide variety of beds with different types of bed frames. The first step that one can take is to buy a bed that would be in harmony with the mattress that you have.

A new bed frame costs around $250 and above. If that sounds like a tedious job that would require heavy investments, then listed below are cheaper and quicker alternatives that one can take.

Reducing Friction between the Bed Frame and other items:

Bed Frame and the Mattress:

For this, you can use different pieces of cloth such as towels, shirts with soft fabrics, and soft beddings to form a layer between the two and reduce the friction.

Bed Frame and the Floor:

You can easily find padding for the furniture that you have. This also helps in forming a layer between the two and helps in keeping the bed in place, making sure you do not disturb the neighbors downstairs.

Bed Frame and the Walls:

For this, you can place a piece of fabric between the bed frame and the walls or a pillow to make sure the bed does not move, and the sound is absorbed by the pillow or fabric.

Use of Candle Wax:

In places where two pieces of wood are in contact, use beeswax to smoothen out the friction between them as it might make squeaky noises.

Type of Bed Frame:

Metal Bed Frame:

If you have a metal bed frame, you can use oil on the bolts or nails in the frame to make sure that they do not make any noise once the bed frame becomes rusty.

Wooden Bed Frame:

As mentioned earlier, using beeswax would help in reducing squeaky noise.

Loose Bed Frame:

If the bed frame has loose joints, then tightening them up would do the job for you. That is because loose screws can often make irritating noise and are also dangerous as the bed can break at any point.

Changing the Center Beam:

The center beam is designed to give support to your back. If the squeaky sound is coming out of that part of your bed frame, you can very well take it out and replace it with any other item that would suit your back and would be noise-free.


Listed above are all the possible measures that you can take to stop the squeakiness of your bed frame and have a good night’s sleep. On the contrary, spraying some lavender oil on your bedding would make you sleepy enough to ignore the squeaky sound of your bed frame.

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