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Can You Feed a Reborn Baby Doll?

Since the 1990s, more and more people developed a hobby of adopting or collecting reborn dolls. Reborn baby doll is a life-like doll that is made by artists, which are called reborners by society. Those dolls look like a real baby or toddler. Some persons consider them as a source of comfort because people can feel their softness just like a real infant. Not only adults but also kids like to play with them.

Owning a reborn doll baby can have different purposes. Some people have a reborn baby boy or girl to treasure the memory of a loved one who did not make it, also known as a memory reborn, some keep it to treasure the memories of someone who is now all grown up. Besides that, people also acquire it as a collectible. It is also popular among some people who just use it as a toy to play. They consider it as an infant and treat it like one.

You will sense the nature of stiffness in a reborn doll, that is because there is a high concentration of vinyl used in its manufacturing. This is not the case with a silicone doll, it is relatively softer than a reborn doll baby as it is made up of silicone. So if you are looking for a more baby-like doll to play with, we would prefer the silicone doll because of its properties.

Can You feed realistic baby dolls?

If you find a tube in a reborn doll’s mouth which is leading to the stomach, it is strongly NOT recommended to feed them real food. This food’s residue would stick inside that pipe and potentially grow mold which can be harmful to the doll and is not sanitary. You always need to be ready to take care of your reborn doll. World Reborn Doll Community has given their care tips on their site, so you can read through them. If you are going on a trip, all the essentials for your reborn doll should be present at hand, such as their food, diapers blankets, toys, spare clothes, etc. Bath the doll if it is made up of silicone.

How to Care for a Reborn Doll

Owning a doll will give you a sense of responsibility. And that’s also why people are willing to know whether they can feed them just as a real baby. However, we all know that the process of creating a reborn doll is not very easy. Reborn artists spent their time and energy to reborn a doll. They added layers of paint, rooted hair for the doll and finally painted them well. It is a form of artistry. Thus caring for a reborn doll is so different. If you treat your reborns roughly, you will heart their precious skin or other parts. The below we have listed some tips on how to care for reborn dolls for you.

  • You need to treat you reborn baby as if it was a real-life baby, catering to their every need, being delicate, and extra careful about everything related to them.
  • Keep them away from direct sunlight and excessively warm areas as it can harm their complexion and is not good for them overall. This heat can potentially harm the finish on the doll’s skin.
  • You do not need an object that can put a temporary or a permanent mark on your reborn baby doll near it. It may damage the reborn baby’s outer layer permanently. 
  • Children and pets can seriously harm your reborn baby doll. You need to be extra wary of the fact that you keep the doll away from them to avoid serious damage.
  • If you have people in your surroundings who require hearing aids, heart pacemakers, or any other type of metal implants, the magnetic parts of the reborn baby doll should be kept away from them and they should be advised to avoid the doll. 

The purpose of a reborn baby doll is only to provide a feeling similar to that of a real baby in the sense of sight and feel. They do not have special functions that they can perform, such as eating, drinking, pooping. They are just here to provide the closest experience of a baby in form of a doll. Silicone babies, however, can drink and pee if you want to take the experience up a notch.