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Stained Glass Artist, Csilla Soós made her biggest glass work to date in Tampa, Florida

Stained glass, which was once reserved for church windows and doors, has recently made its way into private residences. With over 25 years of experience, Csilla Soós’ stained glass art can be found in more than 30 churches across Europe. Now she has completed the front door of a couple’s new residence in Tampa, Florida.

Csilla Soós – everything you should know 

Csilla Soós is a stained glass-making artist with more than 25 years of experience. She has done her work mainly in Central Europe, but her major works can be found all around Europe, in more than 30 churches so far. Pope Francis gave her an apostolic blessing in 2016 in recognition of her work.

Her works are unique and meet the needs of the most demanding clients, who are looking for something different from everything they have experienced before. You can order custom stained glass windows and doors, church stained glass windows, ornamental glass surfaces with the Tiffany technique, stained glass gifts and leaded glass restoration.

Csilla Soós made her biggest glass work to date in Tampa, Florida

Since 2021 Csilla Soós’ work is available in Florida and California. She has recently completed the front door of the newest residence of a couple living in Tampa, Florida.

The couple intended to decorate the house in a unique way, so after five drawing designs they went into the stained glass. It was a challenge to please both the husband, who likes the modern trend, and the wife, keen on Art Nouveau. They decided on an art-deco stained glass front door, which pleases them when they look at it from the inside, or in the evening from the outside, when the lights in the house are on.

The State of Florida residents can also add a touch of elegance to their homes by ordering a piece of stained glass from Csilla Soós. Depending on the size of your design, the waiting time could be up to 8 weeks, so sign up for the waiting list now. Prices vary according to the way the product is made and assembled.

For more details and inspiration visit her website