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5 Best Reasons To Try Wine In Your Life

If you’ve always been a beer or soda type of person, you might want to ease up on the carbonated drinks and opt for something more natural. Wine is a great beverage that can be paired with meals or used for social drinking.

The process of creating wine is relatively straightforward. After picking and crushing the grapes, producers simply add yeast and let time ferment the juice. This makes wine a healthier alternative since no other preservatives or chemicals are incorporated into it.

For those who need convincing, here are six of the best reasons to try wine in your life:

1. Try Something New

In life, it’s good to acquire novel experiences and create memories that you can cherish. Drinking wine can, in itself, be a special occasion. There are even wine-tasting events where participants just try new varieties from vineyards around the globe. This type of experience can help give you appreciate the superb craftsmanship that can be tasted within the best wines in the world.

There are many different types of wines on the market today, which can make the selection process daunting. Fortunately, companies like offer combos that allow you to taste an array of different varieties. 

You must also learn the characteristics of wine so that you can describe its taste appropriately and find the one that you like:

  • Sweetness – Sweeter wines are more palatable, especially for beginners. However, it doesn’t mean that a bottle is of inferior quality just because it’s sugary. On the contrary, there are expensive wines that are sweet. Those with higher alcohol content also tend to be sweeter without having excessive amounts of sugar or fructose. Sour or bitter wine, on the other hand, is considered dry.
  • Tannin – Tannin gives wine its hallmark astringent feeling. It’s prevalent in red wine, which is why the flavor and color sticks to your teeth and gums. Beginners might want to opt for wines that have lower tannin.  
  • Acidity – Wine also has acids that keep them crisp and refreshing. Check the tartness of the wines that you sample and determine which ones you find enjoyable.

2. Develop Your Palate

As you start your wine-drinking journey, you might want to start with sweet-flavored variants with low tannin. However, as your palate develops, you’ll soon understand why connoisseurs and enthusiasts enjoy wines with more depth.

As you develop your skills, you may even become an expert at pairing wines with meats. It’s a general rule that red meat should be consumed with red wine, which is true for Wagyu rib-eyes. For meats with a more delicate texture, like beef tenderloin or lamb, you can actually opt for a lighter red wine with lower tannin. White wines complement chicken and other poultry, as well as fish and seafood.

3. Experience the Finer Things in Life

Wine has always been considered a sophisticated drink. If you want to learn a new hobby, exploring the wonderful world of wines is a viable option, especially if you’ve always been interested in the culinary field.

Drinking wine doesn’t have to be expensive. It will require budgeting and planning, though, if you want to try high-quality bottles, particularly those that have aged for quite some time.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of this type of experience. After all, you do need to strike a balance between work and play!

4. Enjoy a Few Health Benefits

While it’s still inconclusive whether wine has a direct impact on people’s health, there have been studies that shown a positive correlation between consuming this beverage and better health, physically and mentally.

These are the possible health benefits of wine that you can enjoy:

  • Boost of Antioxidants – Grapes have an abundance of antioxidants, called polyphenols. These substances protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are produced when the body breaks down food or when you’re exposed to radiation as well as tobacco smoke.
  • Reduce Bad Cholesterol – One subtype of antioxidant is resveratrol, which plays a role in promoting heart health. This chemical is used for the production of medicine for high cholesterol and other heart diseases.
  • Regulate Blood Sugar – Resveratrol is also believed to control the level of glucose in your blood. Drinking wine moderately may allow you to reap the benefits of lowering your blood sugar.
  • Shed Some Pounds – Another significant benefit of resveratrol is that it reportedly helps with weight loss. In a study by researchers from the Washington State University, it was discovered that mice given a moderate intake of the compound were able to convert excess white fat into energy-burning beige fat. An enzyme called AMPK stimulates this transformation. It also plays a role in the body’s energy metabolism.
  • Improve Cognition – Wine may also protect your memory and keep it sharp. It does this by inhibiting the formation of beta-amyloid protein, which is a primary component in the plaque found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

As with everything else in life, the key factor to remember is moderation. Drinking too much wine will counteract the benefits that your body can glean from the beverage. However, consuming only a tiny amount can render the advantages too insignificant to make a difference.

5. Learn about Tradition and History

Unlike beverages that are manufactured in factories, each bottle of wine tells a different story. You can learn so much about the environment where the grapes were planted, including the climate and geography. 

Experts can even take just a little sip of a wine and accurately describe where it originated. This is because the environment affects the taste of the beverage. The fermentation process and other ingredients added to the juice also contribute to a wine’s rich history. 


There’s a reason why wine is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It comes in an array of flavors, which ensures that everyone from beginners to experts can find a variant that will suit their taste. 

You should try drinking different types of wine to enrich your experiences and develop your palate. The drink is also believed to have a positive impact on your health with the abundance of antioxidants present in it. Finally, each bottle of wine tells a story about its tradition and history, which makes it very interesting.