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How To Choose The Best Argumentative Essay Topic For College?

Many people are frightened by the mere thought of writing something. The most common factor that leads to stupor is not knowing what to write about. If you can find a topic that interests you, the process will run more smoothly, and you will have a better chance of writing successfully. Use a series of strategies to come up with a topic for writing and to understand what is more suitable for your writing style and learning.

It’s a common problem for students to find some argumentative essay topics for college. That’s why we’ve gathered the main tips on how to deal with such a problem.

Purpose of the essay

Understanding the meaning of an essay is the first step to finding a topic. Knowing the type of expected essay, its length and depth of research you can determine the scale of the issue that you should choose.

Rate the purpose of the task

The purpose of the assignment will also determine the type of theme. For example, a persuasive essay will have a completely different topic than a piece about personal experience.

Find keywords like “compare”, “analyze”, “describe”, “synthesize” and “match”. These words will help you determine what your teacher wants you to do in the essay.

Consider a list of ideas

Write a list of ideas that came to your mind. It does not have to be good ideas, the main thing is just to start writing, and ideas will flow. Write down everything you think about. Later you can read these ideas once again to give them a fresh view.

Take up “freewriting” for a predetermined period of time

Decide in advance how much you want to devote to “freewriting”, and then write without breaks. Here are the standard tips for this activity.

  • Write within 10-20 minutes a day
  • Do not stop writing, even if in the middle of a sentence you want to write “blah blah blah”

It is believed that “freewriting” can lead you to a useful thought or idea. Even if you do not write anything that could be used in an essay, it can be a helpful warm-up before writing.

You can also use such services like:

  1. Write my essay
  2. Grammarly
  3. Thesaurus

Create a visual representation of your ideas

Whether your list of ideas is already made, the next step is to create some visual data. Especially if you appreciate visual examples. Creating visual images of your ideas can help you stumble or narrow ideas into a good topic.

  1. Use a communication diagram or thought map. In the center of this map will be your main idea or thesis, and other ideas will move in different directions.
  2. Draw a diagram. This is a visual diagram in which words in circles are connected to other words or ideas. By focusing on the connection between the ideas, as well as on the ideas themselves, you can come up with an argumentative essay topic.

Think about what interests you the most

Another tip to start cool essay writing is to come up with an idea what message you want to share. It is much easier to think about what cares or interests you than to write about things that seem boring to you. Make a list of your interests and consider if it is possible to combine them in your essay.

Consider the list you made

Take a few additional notes in front of each potential topic and evaluate whether each of them is a suitable topic. At this point, you can narrow down your list to a few good topics.

  • You can ask your teacher for advice on selected topics. An experienced person can help you choose which topics will be most successful.
  • Surf the internet to find out what other students tend to choose.
  • Go back and take a look at the original assignment to determine which of the final topics is best suited for disclosing the assignment.

The main thing is to try different methods to find out what suits your writing style best. Do not be afraid to ask someone for advice. Sometimes even a simple conversation can lead to new ideas. Do not be upset and do not give up, not even starting. Using these strategies will help you come up with ideas.

Josh Carlyle is a business developer and writing expert at Writing Guru. He is aware of the latest trends in the digital marketing industry as well as online business. He is always willing to share his knowledge and ideas with readers.