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The Fast Track Guide for Creating an e-Book

An e-Book is composed in a virtual format to be displayed on a laptop or a handheld device. For starters, eBooks are documents that you study on a digital device, for example, a tablet, a cellphone, a laptop, and so on. You can also make an eBook.

Documents can be examined on virtual gadgets (i.e. Word files). And eBooks also have particular traits that differentiate them.

The reason for an ebook is that It will assist you with your marketing interests. Some ebooks are bought while others are used as an incentive to create a list of subscribers.

One wonderful feature of an eBook is that you can make the textual content uneditable. Abut usually it needs to be converted into a different layout to ensure it’s uneditable. In the modern technology era, making an ebook is very important to attract your target audience.

Popular eBook devices:

eBooks can be read on several digital devices and digital display screens. Below are a few of the more popular gadgets that eBooks are viewed on:

  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

Popular eReaders:

In recent years the eReader (electronic reader) was developed specifically for reading and storing eBooks. An eReader is truly a hand-held tool on which eBooks can be read on. Some of the most famous eReader devices are:

  • Amazon’s Kindle
  • Rakuten’s Kobo
  • Barnes & Noble’s Nook

Some of these devices have a built-in light. This feature helps the readers to continue to study even when they don’t have access to light. But unfortunately, some of the models don’t have this feature.

Businesses like Amazon and Kobo created apps that allow you to read from any device. When your eReader is out of battery power, you can continue to read on your computer or smartphone.

Steps to Create an e-Book on Your Website:

1.Create Your Ebook

Decide on your topic. Before finalizing your subject matter, perform a little research on the prevailing market. Look at your competition that is already selling ebooks on Amazon or their web site. You have to make an ebook to finalize the subject to cater to your target audience.

Consider precise methods that assist you to stand out. Come up with a killer title so that the name is a game-changer.

2. Format Your Ebook

One key to selling ebooks is its readability. Don’t go overboard in your formatting. Stick to a simple color scheme. Try to maintain two or three headings and use several short paragraphs and lists.

3. Proofreading

Before getting another set of eyes for your ebook, check for spelling errors and do a round of modifications. Remember that fixing minor mistakes can distract your proofreader from larger responsibilities, like checking how properly you’ve communicated your thoughts.

4. Get a Cover that Sells Your Ebook

Prospective customers will decide your e-book by way of its cover. It can be cliché, but it’s a reality.

An excellent ebook cover shows professionalism and offers clients an experience that paintings have gone into the product. Look at ebook covers in a comparable niche to yours to get some thoughts.

Here are attributes of a terrific ebook cover:

  • Make a unique title.
  • Your title should be in a large font and clear to read.
  • Visual elements ought to be 300dpi.
  • Beware of copyright.

5. Convert Your Ebook

Correctly formatting your virtual product is vital for selling ebooks online. For Amazon Kindle, the document format is MOBI. For different readers, the ordinary ebook format is ePub, which is commonly used by Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, and Kobo. EPub is likewise a great option for selling the eBook.

6. Add Your Ebook to a Website

Use the streamlined tools to upload your ebook. Add a photo of the front cover, add a description of the eBook and set the fee.

7. Promote Your Ebook

It’s time to inform the world about your new ebook. Prepare to dedicate time to the marketing of your eBook before its release. Build a buzz among your target audience and use that to increase its sales.

Many writers think that published authors have it easy with regards to advertising, but that isn’t the case. Another advantage of e-Books is that you have control over its marketing and advertising.


The above steps will ensure that you will be able to create your eBook in a much easier and simpler way.

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