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A Basic Guide to Buying a Racing Suit

If you’re an auto racer of any kind, you know how critical it is to protect yourself. You risk death with every drive, so one of the most important things you can do is wear the right gear. 

But with so many racing suits on the market, how do you know which one will save your life?

There are several essential things to look for when buying a racing suit. If racing safety is your priority, the first step is to read this guide. 

Protective Features

The number one thing you want to consider when shopping for racing suits are its protective features.

For auto racing suits, the primary protective feature is fire resistance.

All suits approved for sale have an SFI rating at or above 3.2A/1. The higher the rating, the more time you have before getting burned. Understanding the rating system will help you pick the best suit.

Another protective feature is abrasion resistance. This means protection from the road if you’re thrown from your vehicle. 

Some suits come with two layers, which many drivers feel offers better protection. If you go with one or two layers depends on your comfort level and budget. 

A Snug Fit

You also have to consider the fit of your racing suit. It’s important that it has a snug fit so the suit can do its job well. 

A snug fit means having move-ability but a slight tightness throughout the suit. You want to feel like you are secure in your gear. 

The best way to find your size is to have someone take your measurements. Most websites will offer a size chart that you can use as a reference. 

There are two options on the market: one-piece suits and two-piece suits. One-pieces offer more protection and are considered more professional.

Comfort and Style

A protective and snug racing suit should feel comfortable so that you are able to focus on safe driving. 

When trying on your suit, note how each part feels on the body.

Are the ankle cuffs big enough? Does the waistband fit? Do the arm panels feel restrictive? 

If you find a suit that feels great to wear, next, consider the style. 

Racing suits come in many colors and are often customizable to a certain extent. Explore your options if you have something specific in mind. 

Regulation Approved

You need to make sure that the suit you want is approved by any racing body you take part in. 

Some officials do not allow two-piece suits or particular colors. Others require a specific rating on the suit. 

Make sure to review the policies for your race before making a purchase.

Any Suit Is Better Than No Suit

These tips can help you find the best racing suit for you, but any racing suit is better than no suit at all. 

Protection from the deadly risks of auto racing starts with the driver’s choice to protect their body. Take this information and find the suit that could save your life.