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Prescription Sports Sunglasses: A Winning Formula for Eye Health and Performance

People love to wear sunglasses in outdoor activities, it has been a source of fashion for the past few years. During sunny days, clear skies and everywhere they go, whatever the weather is. 

Wearing sports prescription sunglasses is important because ultraviolet (UV) rays are risky during sunlight. That is something that we should be mindful of. UV rays are very harmful to our skin, but did you know? Is it also harmful to our eyes? 

In this article, you will learn that wearing sports prescription sunglasses is important. These sunglasses not only protect you from the harmful rays of the sun but also cater to the specific essentials of athletes.  

How Dangerous UV Exposure is and the Importance of Sports Sunglasses for the Protection of our Eyes

UV rays are very risky and can be harmful to our health. They cannot just cause skin cancer on our skin but also to our precious eyes as well. In accordance with the Skin Cancer Foundation, they said that most skin cancers are due to overexposure to sunlight or UV rays. 

They also said they are from natural and artificial lights. Some people are very conscious about their skin and protect them by using sunscreen, but they tend to forget to wear sunglasses, which are very helpful in getting rid of UV rays entering their eyes. 

The Difference Between Regular Sunglasses and Sports Sunglasses

Sports prescription sunglasses and regular sunglasses are different, but some people are curious about them. They know that all sunglasses are just the same and have the same eye protection. Yes, It’s true, but regular sunglasses don’t have any specific demands for outdoor sports and activities. That’s why there are sports sunglasses. 

We all understand the necessity of UV protection for our eyes; let’s dive into the science behind and important characteristics of sports sunglasses, which are photochromic lenses. 

The design of photochromic lenses allows them to adjust to shifting lighting conditions. If you are using it indoors or in low light, these lenses are translucent, But if you expose it to UV radiation, they will change into dark. This implies that sports sunglasses will adjust to give you the exact amount of eye protection from sunrise to night. 

The Advantages of Dark Transitioning in Sports Sunglasses

Photochromic lenses make your vision comfortable and safe no matter what the climate is. 

Visualize yourself playing golf under the striking sun, from the morning when the sun is low, and as the day goes by, the sun shines more and it produces more harmful UV rays. 

The Advantages are:

  • Eye comfort: These lenses can protect your eyes and maintain comfortable vision, especially if you are an athlete, this is good for you because you can adjust its dark level. 
  •  Debris and Wind Protection: These lenses have wraparound frames that you can use if you want to get rid of wind, debris, and dust. This is perfect for jogging at the park, cycling, and playing any sports everywhere you go. 
  • Aesthetic Design: Athletes who love stylish designs can wear this, This comes from a lot of styles, color, and protection. 

 A Case Study of Ryders Seventh Photochromic

To visualize the practical advantages of photochromic lenses, let’s look at the Ryders Seventh Photochromic Lenses. 

The Ryders Seventh Photochromic Sunglasses are engineered with athletes at heart. The advantages of these sunglasses give you:

  • Lenses with Photochromic properties that transform faster with the light.
  • Frames that can withstand damage for portability throughout demanding activities. 
  • Oil-and sweat-repellent coatings that are hydrophobic and oleophobic. 
  • Designs are lightweight and very comfy for prolonged wear. 

Thanks to the Ryders Seventh Photochromic Sunglasses for their cutting-edge lens technology standout. These lenses react to circumstances of visible light in addition to UV light. These sunglasses will transform to deliver the optimum clarity whether you are running in direct sunshine, playing sports outside, skiing, or cycling. 

By purchasing these sunglasses, you may strengthen your eye and performance health without spending much money. The Ryders Seventh Photochromic Sunglasses offer premium quality at an accessible price point, Unlike certain sports sunglasses that can be expensive. 

Let’s begin by focusing on other important features of sports sunglasses, which is the material of its lens:

Polycarbonate Lenses Strengths 

  1. UV Protection: Majority of Polycarbonate lenses have UV protection, This can protect your eyes from damages such as; cataracts or macular degeneration
  2. Lightweight: These lenses are more lightweight than glass lenses, This feature are required with people who need thicker lenses.
  3. High Clarity: These lenses provide good quality. This will offers sharp and clear vision for everyone. 

Trivex: A Material Designed for Windshields of Helicopter

Trivex is a lens material originally constructed for helicopter’s windshield for the military. It’s distinct optical quality and benefits make it an absolutely great choice for sports eyewear. 

When we use trivex’s lenses they are absolutely clear. which is perfect for sports where precise eyesight is necessary. They are also tough. It will make them immune to unexpected damages or mishandling. 

How is Contrast important in Sports Activities and the Enhanced Clarity for Best Tints

If you are playing sports like golf or tennis, it is important to catch the ball faster. This is why contrast-enhancing tints are developed. They make it more amenable to identify objects and locate fast-moving points. Athletes are required to put prescription eyewear, so finding their right sports sunglasses can be a struggle for them sometimes

 If you are choosing tinted lenses for sports, just consider the specific lighting you will be facing when playing outdoors because different sports or activities may need different tints. 

The foundation of your sports sunglasses are the Base tints. They affect how you interpret intensities and vibrance. Selecting the exact sunglasses for your sport enables you a thorough understanding of the various base tints.  


Although polarized sunglasses have traditionally been linked to outdoor activities, when it comes to taking place on land, are they always the ideal choice? Sunglasses with polarization are equipped to lessen the glare, specifically from shiny objects like liquid and roadways. 

For a lot of outside activities, they are the best. The purpose of polarized sunglasses is to reduce glare, and improve visibility in certain outdoor activities. 


Questions no. 1. What is the Best Option to find the right tint for my sports sunglasses?

It will always depend on the sports and the weather conditions you are dealing with when choosing the right tint. Contrast-enhancing tints like rose or brown may be the best option when your sports require fast object recognition. 

Question no.2. Are polarized sunglasses the best option for outdoor sports?

Polarized sunglasses are unsuitable for sports where depth perception and clarity of surface details are important, such as baseball or golf, for they are excellent in reducing glare.

Question no. 3. Can I get prescription sunglasses online?

Absolutely, there are a lot of prescription sunglasses online, but you should be careful when choosing, because fake products are also rampant.