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How to use Wood Pellets for Smoking

The wood is preferably used for outdoor cooking to enjoy a perfect flavour of meat and other dishes. Previously, only one option was there to use hardwood lags, but now there are plenty of options available.

In the world of BBQ, people are using wood in different shapes and sizes. For smoking and grilling, the use of woodchips is more as compared to large wood lags. Woodchips and wood pellets are easy to store and transport. 

Many companies are making wood pellets in a large amount and providing their customer with a good source of fuel. One of the best wood pellet suppliers is dkbrænde they are making wood pellets in different sizes. If you want to buy wood pellets, you can contact them. 

What Are Wood Pellets?

The wood pellets are formed by combining pieces of wood lags and sawdust. Many other materials that a wood pellet company use for the formation of wood pellets are raw material, shells, and shavings. Initially, these are in the form of a pencil and then broken into smaller pieces of a half-inch. 

In the manufacturing of wood pellets, the moisture and air are removed from the woodchips and other raw materials, and the compression starts. The wood is passed through a series of high pressure and heat to change its shape.

Many wood pellets plants are working in the whole world and providing biomass fuel. Many countries are promoting the use of wood pellets as they are eco-friendly and an efficient source of energy. Wood pellets are a sustainable and renewable source of energy. It does not increase the number of harmful gases in the environment.

Using A Wood Pellet For Smoking:

The pellets companies make the wood pellet from natural raw materials such as plant material, shells of fruits, and sawdust. There is no usage of chemicals and other additives in wood pellet manufacturing. So these are a versatile source of fuel and are used in the kitchen, industries, boilers, and other outdoor activities. 

Why wood pellets have wide use in smoking and grilling? The answer lies in the advantages of wood pellets that are more than any other local fuels.

  • Clean burning as they don’t leave a scrap of bark behind.
  • Only 1% of ash after burning, which is easy to clean.
  • Low Moisture
  • High BTU
  • Low production of carbon dioxide and Nitrogen
  • More Efficient source of energy
  • Less costly than other local fuels such as gasoline.
  • Maintain consistent temperature
  • East to store and transport
  • Available in 6mm – 10mm size.

Whether to choose a non-renewable source of energy, you can choose wood pellets. You can make wood pellets at a small scale in-home easily with the raw materials. Many raw material providers are also working. Use hammer and pellet mill to chop the large wood logs into smaller pieces. Then add vegetable oil to clog them perfectly. With the help of a grinder, grind the wood material and pack the wood pellets into bags.