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Flying Termites

Ways to Block the Entrance of Flying Termites in Your Home

Almost every homeowner nowadays seems to complain about the pest species surrounding their house; flying termites are one of these. It is the kind of termite with wings and has the ability to form the nest inside your home. The colony of the flying mites in different areas of your house can put you in trouble. Therefore, it is important to identify them beforehand and not to confuse it with other flying pests. In this regard, the common indication of these flying termites is the presence of mud tubes in your garden.

If this information is making you stressful then do not let it be. For the fact, this article will provide you with knowledge about how to get rid of flying termites through easy methods.

Effective Chemical Method

The experts recommend the use of chemicals if you are in search of the potential method of eliminating flying termites. It has said because of the toxin transference action that can likely to kill such termites. More often than not, Termidor is the dry foam opts by professionals which indicate its effectiveness. The termidor’s nozzle allows you to drop a certain amount of the foam easily in the hiding places of termites. It is also a reasonable method of removing flying termites from your home.

Catch Termites by Borax Treatment

Among different methods of trapping the flying termites, you can also use boric acid. The non-toxic borax solution can attack the digestive systems of the flying termites which results in their eradication. You can make this method work in two ways whether as a solution or powder form. If you are using borax solution then formulate 2% concentration of it. It means to add a teaspoon of boric powder and mix it with 8 fl. oz. of water. However, you can dust good quality boric powder to both indoor and outdoor places where termites can locate.

Use Dish Soap

Now the dish soap can also serve another purpose other than that of cleaning. It is one of the beneficial remedies to kill flying termites quickly since it sticks to the termites’ body. In this way, their bodies become dehydrated and cause them to die. The method of liquid soap usage is trouble-free, therefore, fill the bottle with water and add few drops of it.

Sunlight Can Also Eradicate Termites

When flying termites are open to the sun rays they die in minutes because of the vulnerability towards sunlight. If you don’t want to put any chemical inside or outside your house then place the infested furniture in sunlight.


After considering all of the above it is true to say that spotting flying termite is a challenging task. The homeowners can follow the above-mentioned remedies to protect their homes from flying termites. Therefore, whenever you find termites’ colony in any area of your house treat them then and there. Other than this, you can also take the services of termite control expert to do the work on their own