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Easy Photo Collage Ideas That Can Bring Your Scrapbook To Life

A picture is worth a thousand words — unless no one sees it. Too often, families leave their priceless photos buried in boxes somewhere. Why not make a project to organize them into a photo album that everyone can enjoy?

If you’ve never made a family photo album, you may struggle to develop photo collage ideas. Thankfully, you can find dozens of them online. It’s only a matter of browsing, listing or printing out your favorites, and starting your project.

To see some of the best photo collage ideas, check out the list below.

A Family Tree Collage

If you’re making a family photo album, a family tree will fit perfectly. You can either draw or print out the image of a tree and then add pictures of your family to it.

You can make this page as intricate or as simple as you want. For a bigger tree, make it a 2-page spread. For a better design, cut the photos into leaf shapes. It can serve as a good family history resource for younger members of the family.

A Map Collage

If you or your family travel a lot, a map collage is perfect for your album. Print out or purchase a map of the area you traveled. Then, paste it into your album. You can trace your journey and add pictures or memorabilia along the way.

Completing this page with a child is a good educational opportunity to teach them about measurement and distance.

A Shape Collage

A photo album filled with rectangular photos can get boring. Instead, why not cut the pictures into interesting shapes?

With these shapes, you can create a pattern or tessellation. It might take longer than just pasting rectangular photos, but it will look nicer and exercise your geometric skills.

A Digital Collage

If you have savvy computer skills, or you want to develop some, head over to your computer to create your collage. With the right software, you can make the collage in your computer and just print it out to paste in your album.

These photo collage templates are the right place to start.

A Decorative Tape Collage

If you’re looking for something to spice up your picture layout, forget the glue. Head to the craft store and pick up some decorative tape.

Glue is messy and can compromise the structure of the paper. Decorative tape is a more attractive way to affix pictures to your album. You can even find tape that fits your album’s theme.

A Narrated Collage

A photo album doesn’t have to only include pictures; it can include words too. You can purchase some cute letter stickers to add quotes or descriptions to each page.

You can also make a collage of keepsakes, like tickets or newspaper clippings, to help narrate your memories.

More Photo Collage Ideas

There is no limit to the photo collage ideas that are possible. Making a photo album is a great opportunity to exercise your creativity. Don’t forget to make a list of the materials needed for your favorite ideas before you head out to the craft store.

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