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How to Know if You’re a Starseed?

Have you ever heard the term Starseed, or is the name totally new to you? Don’t worry. This article will discuss is and how you can identify yourself as one. Let’s get started.

What Is A Starseed Though?

A Starseed is an ancient soul with profound spiritual wisdom, dormant from other solar systems or constellations of the stars. They had several incarnations on earth at different times in other star systems. The kids, Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow, of these Starseeds, have incarnated fewer times. They’re Starsedic, too – they’ve just been on earth for fewer years but are not exactly “new” souls. In one instance, the Starseeds will be embodied on earth and share their light and wisdom and participate in the creation of the universe to achieve a divine purpose and improve the world positively.

How to find out if you’re a Starseed?

You are hyper-perceptive.

It is like your knowledge extends to include the room in your surroundings and everybody else. Even if it’s early, you know what people talk about. Even when she’s in the other bed, you sense your roommate’s mood. You can feel that the dog paws in the neighbor’s fence and the house shifts its weight without noise. Most Starseeds feel overwhelmed or anxious to some degree, having social anxiety or agoraphobia if all this subtle data hasn’t been integrated.

You lived a series of traumatic, serious events.

Some people who met you much later will be shocked to know that you have experienced it—they never suspected it! You chose a hard time training yourselves for later higher-order work mentally. You wanted to do it early on. It also can stimulate soul-memories and latent genetic ability that you could not access without intense meditation training.

You feel like you don’t belong here, like an impostor.

No matter where ‘here’ is, you still feel like you are a tourist wherever you are. However, you will find lenses when you meet like-minded people who think alike.

Often, you can become agoraphobic and can get too much energy, negative energy, and disappointment with what is happening in the world. You have to be forced to integrate into society, but always do so according to your terms, and you’ll find your tribe along the way.

You’re spiritual.

You are ready to discover as much as possible about your faith and path beyond the limits of religion and orthodoxy. You did not jive with the direction your parents set out, so when you became an adult, you were on a lifelong quest to discover the mysteries of the universe. It sometimes left you guilty of understanding what would be branded by those outside the conventional religion and frowning on the supernatural and the Modern Age.

You do not tolerate annoying arguments and people. 

You are one of those people who get frustrated with the stupid things others say. You think you’re out of control, and you feel you’re better than everyone else. As you shake your head, you wonder why they don’t look for a deeper meaning and find time to change themselves. You live outside the 3D common world and dislike dealing with the materialistic aspect of life that many others love.

You know you’ve got a great purpose but struggle to identify it.

You know you’re here for more. To discover your aim, you need to lose your pride and tune into a higher power and forget everything taught here to see your real way.

You love helping others.

This is why, after all, you are here. Helping other people is something you do all the time, even though you know it is not in your best interest to be taken advantage of by the people of the world at times. You want to help your family and protect your loved ones at all costs. You always feel selfless.

You love exploring hidden knowledge and mysteries of the world.

You are often intrigued by the pyramids and the Triangle of Bermuda to aliens and ghosts. It leads you to the lines of law, electricity, portals, quantum physics, psychological ability, astrology, and numerology. You can’t get enough, and you will never get enough because you have an illusion that what you teach on earth is a cleaner version of history.

You may also have a photographic memory, details of imaginary characters and objects, and have a super-fast learning curve. This can be why, while you have more interest in artistic subjects, you are talented in subjects such as Astronomy, Physics, & Philosophy.

You’re an insightful problem-solver.

Starseeds, for one reason, are “wisdom warriors.” Whether it involves finding a solution to a friend’s relationship dilemma or syncing the universal TV remote, you are a natural creative analyst.

You see repeating numbers.

These repeated numbers also referred to as angel numbers, appear when you start experiencing a spiritual awakening. The more attention you pay to these figures, the more can be understood about your life. See these as affirmations or fresh clues about what you need to take into consideration.

Animals and babies are drawn to you.

All babies seem to get drawn to you as if you are a magnet. Animals have confidence in you, and you will find that you are the best animal therapist.

Many friends are acquaintances.

There are very few who get you or see the real you. Here, you build a deep connection with only a few, and you nurture the best friend for life.

One of the biggest hurdles you face is to believe you have the answers inside. Your understanding that you are a Starseed helps you get the knowledge you want. You are a blessing in this world. Do you think you are a Starseed? Tell the world. You are unique and amazing.