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A Complete Explanation Of The Floor Air Conditioner Heater Unit

Floor air conditioners are installed on the floor or near it or even recessed in the corner like an unused fireplace. It is easy to maintain and access the floor AC heater units in the house as they cover the small space on the wall. In addition, it is often used in places for example;

  • Halls
  • Data centers
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

This is generally standing on the floor, and some other indoor unit types are the ceiling exposed window, wall-mounted portable, and window. Floor ac is known as floor-mounted or floor console air conditioners. 

What is a floor-standing air conditioner?

The function of floor standing ac is similar to a wall-mounted split ac in a lot of ways. The major difference between them is that floor ac is installed on the floor while split ac is installed on the room’s wall.

A few floor-mounted air conditioners have a built-in heater, making them a great option for year-round use. On the other hand, some have fantastic features that enable householders to control them via their smartphones. In addition, they are equipped with the latest technology, including a refrigerant, a compressor, a turbofan, and a filtration unit. 

The capacity of a floor air conditioner 

Almost every floor ac has a great cooling power range from 2.5 kWh to 7 kWh. It can cool a room around 10 meter square to 65-meter square. However, the exact capacity of a floor ac is based on the modal that one chooses for their room. In addition, they also have non-inverter, and inverter modes, just like their wall-mounted air conditioners.

Maintenance and installation 

Keep in mind that floor-based ac usually needs installation from professionals. This is because all parts of the ac are required to be placed in the accurate spot so that they can function in an optimal way.

 In addition, if you already have floor-mounted ac, ensure you are getting its maintenance done from time to time because they need regular maintenance for long-life work. However, one can replace their filters once a year to keep them running efficiently. 

Heating room with high ceiling

Floor-mounted air conditioner units are perfect for homes that have high ceilings. The reason is that the warm air can easily disperse at ground level and keep the room comfortable and warm. Therefore, it is generally placed in an unused area of the home.