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Change up Your Morning Routine for 2021

A new year brings a whole new opportunity to change your life for the better. But it can also be very easy to get overwhelmed by the promises you’ve made to yourself. 

Being sensible and realistic about your resolutions is a great way to improve the odds that you stick to them, and even the smallest steps in the right direction can result in massive, positive changes. Here are some things you can do to develop a healthier morning routine – without having to utterly upend your existing habits.

Plan Breakfast in Advance

It’s easy to just rush out the door with a slice of toast or an energy bar, but it’s a choice that can have an impact on your energy levels throughout the day. It’s not fair to expect yourself to wake up with a cogent plan for making breakfast, so be kind to yourself and make your breakfast plans in advance. 

By creating a daily schedule, doing as much prep in advance as possible, and being meticulous with your shopping, you can find a greater sense of nutritional balance in your morning routine.

Take the Time to Relax

Finding the time to rest in the morning can be tough if you work a 9 to 5 job, but it’s ultimately worth it. By taking the time to process your thoughts, put your goals in perspective, and confront any anxieties directly, you’re putting yourself in a better mood – and in a better position to tackle the challenges ahead of you. 

Journaling is a particularly effective form of getting all your thoughts in one place – but meditation, yoga, or even spending the morning reading the paper can help you start the day with a sense of normalcy and purpose.

Try a Coffee Substitute

Coffee is such a normalized part of our lives that plenty of people wouldn’t give a second thought to drinking multiple cups of coffee every day. And while coffee is undoubtedly a delicious treat and an effective stimulant, it also comes with some notable side effects. It’s easy to get addicted, and the sheer volume of caffeine in many coffees can result in nausea, jitters, or insomnia. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of coffee alternatives that provide the benefits of coffee without the downsides. These include ancient herbal remedies like golden milk and mushroom tea, but it also includes more modern formulas. Drinks like MUD\WTR provide an energy boost that’s not so reliant on caffeine, along with a number of other health benefits.

Don’t Stray From Your Routine

Routines aren’t always fun. But doing the same thing in and out creates a sense of normalcy, and it conditions your brain to think in a healthier manner about the sorts of behaviors you’ve internalized. 

Take the time to actually write your routine down so it will have concrete value, and make a line in the sand regarding what you’ll actually do. That said, you don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Just because you slip up doesn’t mean that you should abandon the whole project. You might want to take a little bit of time at the start of the week to refocus yourself on your goals, remind yourself of your morning habits, and make sure to follow them to the letter.

Make Your Routine Fit You

No one can tell you what the right combination of habits is for your morning routine because nobody knows except for you. Consider the aspects of your life that you’d like to improve, and then look at the actionable steps you can take to actually make those improvements a reality. Start your day with a coffee substitute, a healthy meal, and a plan in place, and you’re far more likely to fulfill your ambitions throughout the day.