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Are Natural Curly Hair Wigs Something for Me?

Our hair is a reflection of ourselves and how we decide to present our personality to the world. This is why at certain points in life, to reflect the inner change that is happening on the inside, we decided to make a change to our hair. 

Getting a new wig no longer just means to change your look, it is how you cultivate an image without the added burden of maintaining and repairing your natural hair. A wig is truly a power statement since they afford women to feel beautiful and gorgeous and get playful with how they appear. However, for ladies with naturally curly hair who are seeking wigs of the same texture, the quest for the best perfect natural curly hair wig is not an easy one.  A lot of the time, the curly hair wig that people may find is not of the best quality, and this results in a dull, boring, and frustrated look. We decided to look into this matter to help you find out the best naturally curly hair wigs.

Natural curly hair wig requires time and effort

The rule of thumb for wigs is that they are harder to tame and manage and the wigs may have a bigger chance of getting unnecessary damage. To get the best naturally curly hair wig is not an easy task and used to require a lot of patience and experimentation from the consumer. Tho the current development amongst the hair extensions industry has brought about a lot of improvement to customers worldwide. You can now custom order any kind of wigs. whether it be a lace frontal wig or a full lace wig. People who have thinning issues or have continuously suffer from hair loss can finally get a full mane of lustrous hair. All thanks to the wonder of modern wig manufacturing and online shopping.  Find the best HD lace wigs and half wigs at Nadula hair.

3 types of curly hair wigs that are worth your money

The sheer amount of options available now for wig shoppers could either mean excitement or dreadful indecision. Lace front wig and all-around lace wig are amongst two of the most popular choices when it comes to a wig. They both give women the most natural look since a natural scalp-mimicking hairline would mean a natural undetectable appearance. Depending on your hair situation, you may have a different application method but all in all the benefits they provide are the same. Here are our top picks for curly hair wigs.

Shoulder length headband wigs

Headband wigs are all the rage these days. And they are popular for a good reason. This type of wig allows women to look and feel pretty in an instant with little or no preparation. To truly yield the benefit of this type of wigs, one has to know first how to use them.

Step 1: Prepare your hair so that it can lay flat and then wear a wig cap

Step 2: Position the wig so that the hairline of your wig touch your natural hairline

Step 3: Clip the 3 clips in the front and then continue with the 1 clip at the back.

Step 4: Wear the headband and then secure them with the velcro strips

Step 5:  Additional styling as you wish.

In just under 10 minutes, with only 4-5 steps, you already become ready to head out of the door. This form of wigs saves us a tremendous amount of time and the shoulder-length hair is super manageable. If you are somebody with long, straight hair, who just wants something quick, coily, and easy to style, we think that this form of hair extensions is one of the best contenders. Work perfectly on an active day outside or a picnic at the park if you ask me.

Casual pre-plucked deep wave curly wigs

A long curly wig like the one shown above is truly spectacular in every way. If you need something that looks super realistic and gorgeous, there is no reason that you should pass up on a pre-plucked deep curly wig. The look that this wig brings belongs to the category of hauntingly urban realness if there happens to be such a thing.

A lace front wig like this type would take more time for you to install and maintain as well as keeping them in the best condition. But think of the time you spend as an investment since a wig of high quality like the one that we get from Luxshine will never disappoint. They are cheaper to own since they last for over a year and more.

Not only do you have to keep the routine items checked like brushing and cleaning, but you also should never forget deep, intensive hair treatment as well as caring for your own natural hair.

Many women who own a piece of waist-length curly hair worry that the hair will tangle and matt-up due to their immense length but this can’t be further from the truth. How long your hair will last depends first and foremost on the quality of the hair. If your hair cuticles aren’t aligned in the same direction and if they aren’t intact, no amount of care can repair your wigs after a period of wear. This is why hair quality matters much much more in a big investment like long curly wigs. Choose wisely or your human hair wigs may not bring about much value compared to a cheap synthetic option.

Extra-density 13×6 lace frontal kinky curly human hair wig

This type of lace frontal glueless wig is what’s hot right now. To be fair, they have been selling like hot cakes for a while now but we start to hear more from you readers lately about this type of coily, majestic wig. 

Even though they might attract a lot of attention, not everybody knows how to take care of a coily wig. To take care of coily kinky hair like this, the method is not so much different from that of a natural kinky Afro hair. Maintaining a wig with this texture requires you to do as much research as the actual practice.

With a super deep part and very natural pre-plucked hairstyles, this wig makes sure that you can part anywhere and the result is spectacular realness.

Even though the lace part is not all-around lace, there is a small patch of lace in the back that allows us to pull our hair up in a ponytail with no problem. With just enough length and the right amount of volume, these wigs scream quality and glamour. Just add some mouse to the hair to ‘wet’ it and you are ready to dazzle and walk out to the big world feeling pretty.

How should I pick a curly hair wig for me?

To pick the right curly hair wig, there are various aspects you need to consider before filling in your billing address. Let’s explore them one by one

Hair length

Choosing a long wig or a short curly wig is not a simple matter. Depends on how long you want your hair to be, you can pick the right length for you. You need to understand that there is the true length of the hair strands when they are pulled taut and there is the perceived length when you let the hair come back to its natural texture. Before committing to the length you want, always consider the hairstyles you are aiming for. You should leave enough ‘room’ in the hair so that the hairstylist can give you custom cuts and custom styling.

Human hair vs synthetic hair

Each of these categories has quality and subpar products so the brands you are choosing must be one factor that decides the quality. However, deciding upon whether to choose a curly synthetic wig or human hair synthetic wig may have many implications that can not be changed later on.

A curly synthetic wig requires very little maintenance and the texture will bounce back to the original design when being cared for right. The same cannot be said of curly human hair wigs. However, the naturalness and the ability to style human hair mean this type of hair is always regarded as the better option in the long run.


When you want to make a wig or purchase one, you need to know about the color of your future wig. Whether you want the color to be the same as how you used to let your hair be or something fresh and new, the color should likely suit your overall style and complexion. Once you have clearly identified the color you want, you are one step closer to your future wig.

The hairstyles you wish to make

It is important to know what hairstyles and how many kinds you are wishing to achieve with any type of wig. Certain hairstyles that require you to pull your hair up would mean that you have to go with a lace option that goes all around. If you want a flexible parting that can easily be changed without reinstalling, you should choose lace frontal with ear-to-ear lace. The lace part of your wig construction will put a significant limit on what styles you can or cannot rock.