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5 Design Tips for Your Spare Bedroom

There are many things you can do with an extra room in your home and one of the most common choices is to turn it into a guest bedroom. When you have relatives or friends coming to stay for a long weekend or during the holidays, it is always much more comfortable for everybody if they have a room of their own. No one needs to tiptoe around the couch afraid to wake a sleeping body, nor do guests feel obliged to get up at the crack of dawn to be ready when others come to get their morning coffee. If you think you are ready to revamp your spare room into a gorgeous guest bedroom, here are a few design tips you can use.

1. Choose Crisp, Fresh Colours

Lighter shades often make a room look bigger and the sense of being in a light and airy bedroom always makes people feel more comfortable and refreshed. Choosing this kind of color scheme is also a good idea as it is a timeless interior design choice, so you don’t have to worry about redecorating the following year to keep up with trends. If you are worried crisp, fresh colors might make the room feel cold, simply add things like soft comforters in warmer colors, and choose some bedside lamps that can illuminate the room softly at night.

2. Smart Storage

Another thing to consider to make your guests more comfortable is incorporating some smart storage solutions in your spare bedroom. Not only will this be useful for when you have visitors, but you can also use this storage space for your clothes and other household items. You could have built-in wardrobes or consider purchasing a bed with drawers built into the frame.

3. Get an En Suite

This might not be possible for everybody, but if you can add on an en suite bathroom to your guest bedroom this is certainly worth considering. It will allow your guests more privacy and could even add value to your property as en suite bathrooms are desirable features in properties. It may be easier to do this if you’re converting your loft into a spare room, as you can see from this company that specializes in loft conversion reading.

4. Artwork

Once you have finished painting or putting up the wallpaper you can move on to get all the furnishings into the room. Try to find a few prints or some artistic photography to hang on the walls to make the place look less bland, and this will also help to add a pop of color if you’ve chosen more neutral tones for the main color scheme.

5. Accessories

Additional accessories you should think about adding to your spare bedroom include candles (scented would work nicely), decorative cushions and comforters, vases of flowers, and wall mirrors or clocks. These items will help bring the room together and make it feel homier for your guests.

If you’re getting ready to revamp your spare bedroom and turn it into a gorgeous space for your guests to stay, think about the tips above to help you start planning for the transformation.

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