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5 Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioner Working This Summer

Summers in Utah can reach around 100°F, which is why you need to trust in your AC system to cool your home and keep everyone comfortable. Although even the most reliable air conditioning systems are great, some become less efficient as time goes on without proper care.

If your air conditioner hasn’t had maintenance in a while, it could break down at the peak of summer, making you suffer through extreme and difficult temperatures until the AC repair team comes to the rescue. Fortunately, you can take steps to make sure this does not happen by following the tips below. 

5 AC Tips for Summer for Maintenance From the Experts

A simple way you can improve the performance of your unit and avoid unexpected AC repair expenses is by investing the time and effort to maintain it well. But here are some other tips to keep your air conditioner running to the best of its abilities. 

1. Change Filters Regularly 

Your AC unit’s air filter was made to capture particles, airborne pollutants, and other contaminants that can damage your air conditioning system and your health. As time goes on air filters clog as they fill with dust and allergens. Unfortunately, this issue can affect the air quality in your home and make your AC system work harder to achieve the same results. The US Department of Energy suggests that homeowners should change their air filters at least once a month during the cooling season.

2. Flush the Drain Line

The drain line makes sure that excess moisture is flushed from your unit’s evaporator coil to ensure that your AC works efficiently. When not given regular maintenance, mold and algae can build up on your drain line. Aside from reducing your system’s efficiency, this issue can lead to water damage and require an AC repair. Prevent this by flushing the line often and getting rid of any mold build-up using a vacuum cleaner.

3. Keep Parts Clean

Proper airflow is essential for air conditioning systems to function at their best. AC repair experts recommend cleaning the fins of your unit often and maintaining a clean status around the unit’s outdoor components. Clear any vegetation growing around the unit or any obstruction that can impact proper airflow. 

4. Consider a Smart Thermostat 

New age thermostats give you the ability to control a home’s temperature throughout the day through mobile devices. This removes unnecessary work for your AC unit and makes it more energy efficient by better managing your cooling needs. Homeowners can save up to 15% on energy costs by investing in a smart thermostat. 

5. Heat Reduction in Your Home 

The last major tip to take into consideration would be to regulate the heat that enters your home. Doing this can help reduce energy bills and reduce your unit from working harder than it needs to. Keeping windows closed during the day and covering them with drapes or blinds can ensure reduced temperatures and make sure your home has the proper insulation to prevent cool air from escaping in the summer. 

Work with AC Repair Experts

Preventative maintenance tips that can be found above can go a long way to ensure your unit’s effective and extend its life. 

Even while taking these measures, however, your AC unit still runs the chance it might break down, especially as time goes on. When this happens, reach out to get a professional AC repair and tune-up from a reliable contractor.